G-Payne is back and he returned with some gold from his many an adventure of late. Check out his shots from Oppi with Fruit & Veggies, being the resident photographer at Amsterdam, Skullboy’s You&Me exhibit, the Winston’s re-opening and general filthy living.



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28 Responses to “Payne”
  1. daisy says:

    sick pics!

  2. trollhip says:

    yea i’m sure the guy in crutches appreciates your use of him in your instagrams hipster

  3. Matt K says:

    Grant is my favourite.

  4. Kath says:


  5. crumplelot says:

    i kotch on gmans photos harddddddddd

  6. Matt S says:

    Fuck this guy and his skillz.

  7. Bamhlanje says:

    and here we go again… bunch of invisible douche bags disrespecting for no reason…


  8. trollhip says:


  9. Lucy says:

    more gifs, less rage!

  10. Tea Bags says:

    Im a fan! Sick shots – the best type of Payne!

  11. Alexander says:

    Fucking great work.

  12. trollbot500 says:

    Hey Grant,

    As much as you like to think you have your own vibe, you are a hipster. You use an expensive camera making your photos come out above average but they are only average, anyone can take the photos you take if they enjoyed wasting their time as much as you do.

    Don’t give up your day job(assuming you even have one) because being a hipster takes more effort than you’re putting in, you’re doing it all wrong, completely and utterly wrong. I saw your hipster haircut on your blog website, it just goes to show you’re trying to hard but not putting in the needed effort. Its a shame you could make a great hipster if you would just do it properly.

    I also reckon you should take a course on photography cause you’re really not that good, you take photos of people that anyone can do and Bob will most likely say something along the lines of its an acquired taste. Durban is full of hipsters and you’re all running an imaginery competition to see who is the hippest of the lot while trying not to care, when in actual fact you care too much about being “cool” and “hip” with who has the most “style” and “steez”.

    Its a shame really, a real darn shame you hipsters.

    Yours sincerely,

    Troll Bot 500

  13. Donald Fuck says:

    Troll bot 500, I hate to ask this of you but please do me a huge favour?

  14. trollbot500 says:

    Dearest Donald Fuck,

    Your request has been denied.

    Yours forever,

    Troll Bot 500

  15. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    I like the close-up of the pigeon. That ou looks rather intimidating.

    Thanks for the pics DIY and Grant.

    Trolls: how sad are your lives that you have to scour the internet for stuff you don’t like just so that you can bitch about it? I pity you. If you don’t like, don’t look.

    Thanks for the gifs Bob. That baby sloth is adorable.

  16. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    p.s. How rad is DIY for not censoring these poes trolls?

  17. Poestroll says:

    AnalogueGirl_: What is sad is that we hardly have to scour anymore like we did in the good ol days. Now it’s just up in your face hipster shit 24/7… makes our job easier I guess but less fun 🙁

  18. Bamhlanje says:

    Yo momma’s a hipster!!

  19. Gigantic Faggot says:


    Are you by any chance also Durban Critic?

  20. Dear Gigantic Faggot

    Yes, yes I am also Durban Critic.

    Kind Regards,

    Durban Troll Bot 500

  21. Loose says:

    This is fucking hilarious!!

  22. Tyler D says:

    Although overly critical I think this Troll Bot person has a point. Grant has great potential as a photographer but has yet to find his style. Take a look at any Liam Lynch photograph. That is what Grant could aspire to.
    A few of these are out of focus and could tell a better story.

    Cell phone photo of guy on crutches: utterly tasteless. Its like the world outside is a zoo and you are gawking, tapping on the glass.

    RE: hipsters – anyone could take a photo of anything in black and white and you kooks would think its art. I have been around Durban and seen you all around. New year, new trend. You create “art” just for the sake of art and are like a social infection like any scene that is too far up its own ass. Who can be more edgy than the next retard. You all win.

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