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We’ve mentioned it a couple times before, but just to make sure we’re clear on our position on the matter: we really dig Aweh.tv. We even did an interview with the founder, Ollie Walker, because we were like “Yeah, that’s fucking cool.” They also kinda dig us, which is rad, cause it means that from time to time, we’ll be swapping and sharing content. This is one of those times.

Up on Aweh at the moment is this mini documentary about Used Cassettes, an Indie band kicking it in Seoul (That’s South Korea) who get ask to play a Korean festival for the first time. It’s a cool look into a scene vastly different from ours yet that still shares similar triumphs and tragedies. Music is a universal language and playing it shares universal frustrations and joys as you’ll see. At it’s base level, it’s a lesson on how to deal with the rain, which Durban sorely needs.

The doccie is produced by Indie Frame and they’re using it to try get funding for a full length on the Korean scene so if you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, check it out, and if you don’t have 15 minutes to spare, what is wrong with you? It’s Friday. Take a break.

홍대놀이터 (Hongdae Playground) from indieframe on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Hongdae Playground | Aweh”
  1. jared says:

    very very very kiff!

  2. Matt K says:

    That was so rad.

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