Durban’s Day Out


Our mates at Whizz Kids Radio Beta are doing something cool as fuck today. Some radio stations use the Durban name as a marketing tool without actually supporting Durban acts, not these guys. Today is Durban’s Day Out and all day long you’ll get to hear music from Heat City’s finest bands and DJ’s. So tune in to WKRB all day to hear some cool as fuck 031 tunes on a cool as fuck radio station. Check out linkage and the line-up below. It’s the audio equivalent of a bunny chow.


06:30   –   A Gentle Wake-Up Call

07:38   –   C.R.O.S.S.I.N.G.P.O.I.N.T

08:20   –   Go! Go! Bronco

08:28   –   STRAGE

09:00   –   Asleep In Transit

09:18   –   Matt Vend and the Tender Ten

09:40   –   Nick Pitman

10:30   –   Car Boot Vendors

10:51   –   Sibling Rivalry

11:36   –   Gonzo Republic

12:16   –   The La Els

12:33   –   Lowprofile

13:16   –   City Bowl Mizers

14:08   –   Stu & The Joo

14:40   –   DJ Funky G

15:16   –   DJ Bhashkar – Funky Mix

16:01   –   BasMan

16:47   –   DJ Bhashkar – Hip Hop Mix

17:12   –   D’urban Knights

17:22   –   Black Moss

17:52   –   BIG IDEA

18:37   –  Bear Girls

19:05   –   madlove!

19:40   –   DJ Night Vision

20:15   –   Veranda Panda


21:00 – Close


You can tune in directly to the stream here and check out the WKRB site here. And don’t feel shy to give them Facebook and twitter love.

2 Responses to “Durban’s Day Out”
  1. Leighton says:

    Durban needs a new radio station, a radio station like this, its bullshit that 80’s RnB shit gets more airtime then local talent (Yes I’m pointing at you ECR)

  2. This is all kinds of fantastic. Thank fuck for whoever decided to do this.

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