Durban Represent


After tearing Europe apart (some say he politely got asked to leave), Yann Horowitz is back home and has joined fellow Durbanite Khulu Dlamini on the Adidas skate team. You can check them being steezy, chatting about skating and making the most of Cape Town with fellow team mates Pieter Retief and Jansen van Staden in the sick video below.



Adidas have a new campaign going and they want to see how you and your crew represent, they’re looking for the most original “crew” in the country and will reward that crew with R6000 worth of gear per crew member and an opportunity to be showcased on a local platform tailor-made to the crew’s particular expertise.

It’s a pretty sweet campaign so if you think you and your mates are doing some cool shit, head over to the Originals site where you can upload videos, audio, images and whatever else you need to represent your crew. Peer voting starts on the 8th of October so you’ve got some time to get creative and let your originality shine.

Now that we’ve dropped that knowledge, here’s some more videos. First off is Yann absolutely killing it in his AV section, followed by Khulu kicking it in Mozambique with the rest of the adidas team. Feast those eyes of yours on some local dudes doing good.



3 Responses to “Durban Represent”
  1. N says:

    I went to school with this guy. Hasn’t changed one bit.

  2. Harry says:

    Requirements of the Adidas skate team:
    1. Steez
    2. Steez
    3. Steez
    4. Steez
    5. Steez

  3. Ozzie says:

    These guys dominate Session mag – rippers!

    Additional steez award to Yann for rolling up his jean pant legs … I too have short legs and fold the bottoms up inside in shame

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