Win Free Entry To Kids On Bass!

With Thursday being a public holiday, we know you’ll be looking to get your groove on on Wednesday night. Heat City Nights and Uber Cool have teamed up to bring you a midweek banger at Live with ten of Durban’s finest DJ’s on two dancefloors.


We want you to come party with us which is why we’re giving away free entry to four bass loving kids.

Since Thursday is Woman’s Day, to win, tell us what you love about women. Whether it’s being one, or being with one, what is it about the fairer sex that makes them awesome.


Competition closes at midnight Tuesday 7th of August. Please use your correct email address and check your email on Wednesday morning.


Keep an eye on the Heat City Nights and Uber Cool facebook pages for more chances to win.

9 Responses to “Win Free Entry To Kids On Bass!”
  1. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    Boobs. Someone had to say it.

  2. Tea Bags says:

    (words inspired by a women)
    To swim through this,
    I pop bubble wrap blue bottle,
    to understand why i love
    The wind is blowing leftward
    Im on the right side of my brain,
    Adjust the hard hat,
    Now its a seagull
    I havent seen a great white yet,
    Just punctured seals with help me grins,
    Their is evidence,
    but no conclusion to this,
    I think ill just catch up to the conversation,
    that they made a baby with,
    Im sure the dogs will find their way home.

  3. Vince says:

    What I love about women: True story.

    Only a woman can walk into a camping store and get the salesman to fully erect a tent – after which she says “oh no, I don’t think this one’s big enough”. That one?

    *no puns intended 😉

  4. Cwala says:

    Women are the sunshine to my cloudy days. Well.. Ask yourself this – would you like to be putting it in some other guy’s bovril pot for the rest of your life? I think I’ve said enough… 😉

  5. Stretch Dlamini says:

    All women are beautiful in one way or another
    theres always something special about every one of them

    you can feel her PASSION in form of a beloved..
    you can feel her DEDICATION in form if a wife..
    you can feel her DIVINITY in form of a mother..
    you can feel her BLESSINGS in form of a grand mother..

    women really are the most Beautiful creatures 🙂

    ps. sorry about the previous entries…my hand kept sliding over the mouse pad thing #laptopproblems

  6. GITM says:

    I love being a woman for my uncanny ability to express myself through hypnotic dance moves such as this:

  7. JAH says:

    without women there’d be no womens day and no recovery day. and they gave birth to us. and boobs.

  8. justin rose says:

    Everything about women is just great an now they give us a public holiday an the chance to go to a free jol ……..women power FTW

  9. Leyton says:


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