Lark and the Giant Demon-Pufferfish

Russell Grant watches Lark for his second time and finds a way to deal with his melancholy through their performance (and comes up with his strangest analogy to date) . Here’s his review of their recent album launch at Live.


This was my second time watching Lark live. The first was at Splashy Fen, and I wrote about it here. Nothing much is going to change between that review and this one, other than the place and time, and perhaps the exact magnitude of my enjoyment. Unlike the Splashy show, Lark were a full complement at Live, and the effect was not dissimilar from that of a ballooning pufferfish (I realise that this analogy is weak. Even in their scariest poses, pufferfish are at best comical. Allow me to supplement: imagine a giant demon-pufferfish with Joan Rivers’ face, covered in perpetually ejaculating barb-penises. Imagine too that this fish has a twitter account but it never tweets or retweets your tweets. Even the ones about tits. It just sits there. Think of this fish when you’re in bed tonight). As formidable as they are sans band, with band they are a whole different story. Pulsing, macabre, hopeless, but entirely captivating, they took my otherwise kak night (not because of you, Live, relax. Girl troubles lol) and kinda made sense of it all. My night was still kak, but I was cool with that.



No review of Lark would be complete without mention of Inge Beckmann’s biblical hotness. One could just about make out the faint creak of swelling flesh against denim inbetween songs.  Dressed in a black dress frock thing (there may have been lace involved), shoulders adorned with baboon skulls, she stumbled and stomped her way about the stage like she didn’t really know she was there, but still managed to deliver pitch perfect and utterly transcendent vocals; a skill every softcock rock ‘n’ roll frontman in this country wishes they had.



Enjoying a band needn’t always be about feeling happy or excited. Sometimes you just need a band that can affirm your sadness, and rearrange it like a giant sadness cypher into something you haven’t felt before; something Lark seem to be really good at.


*All images © Kevin Goss-Ross

7 Responses to “Lark and the Giant Demon-Pufferfish”
  1. Ozzie says:

    Class words emo boy! “Biblical hotness” ha ha ha. Enjoyed this review!

  2. mofo says:

    Wait…who took these pics? I dont understand?

  3. SniffSniffs says:

    Kevin Goss-Ross

    It says so at the bottom.

  4. luke says:

    mofo don’t reed.

  5. pissingblood says:

    “…imagine a giant demon-pufferfish with Joan Rivers’ face, covered in perpetually ejaculating barb-penises.” Best thing I’ve read in ages.

  6. J says:

    Where’s the rest of the review?

  7. Fuzzy says:

    Hey, this is probably the only time I’ve ever commented on a review on us, but dude, well done on turning a phrase, haha! And great pics Kevin. Fuzzy (Lark)

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