Win Free Entry To Lark’s Album Launch

I can’t even remember the last time Lark played in Durban but I know it’s been too damn long. Thankfully, Inge Beckmann and her crew, Simon Ratcliffe, Paul Ressel and Sean Ou Tim will be bringing their dark operatic electro to our shores next Saturday to release their latest album, Gong Is Struck, at Live The Venue.

We’ve got two sets of double tickets to give away to the show and at R80 a pop, you’d fool not to want them.

To win, tell us what your favourite Lark song is and why. It’s that simple.

Competition closes at midnight on Wednesday the 1st of August.

32 Responses to “Win Free Entry To Lark’s Album Launch”
  1. Jared says:

    Ah, I heard their new song the other night, ‘We Are Growing’. Jonny Clegg goes electro… who wouldn’t love it?!

  2. Jodie Kennedy says:

    My favourite song is ‘Heroin Mary’
    This song allows my brain cells to be rattled around vigorously until the walls close in and its only me rocking out to Ingrids melodic talent.

  3. Alex says:

    It has to be ‘Heroin Mary’, those dark, haunting sounds make me feel kinda sexy!

  4. Emil Lime says:

    Heroin Mary is my favorite song of Larks, coz its brilliantly twisted and Devine!

  5. Nicci says:

    Defo “Heroine Mary”. It’s beautiful and disturbing at the same time!

  6. Jolling! says:

    Nicci is a stripper name.

  7. ian lewis says:

    Heroin Mary by a long way – its been to long!

  8. Ozzie says:

    “Weights”, cause it sounds like the sum of Muse x Enya / The Neverending Story.

    and I gave Bob my fridge so it wouldn’t be nepotism to award Mrs. Ozzie and I the tickets

  9. Brave! I nearly fell over the first time they played that.

  10. Greg says:



  11. Zaz says:

    Heroin Mary

  12. Ryan Van Niekerk says:

    Favorite Lark track for me has got to be ‘Vampires’. It’s just so dark and surreal, it takes me on a journey to another place, so I can escape reality for a bit.

  13. Zaz says:

    The theatrical way she uses her voice and the way the music dramatically spirals into weird dynamics..and I really wanna see them!

  14. Zaz says:

    Heroin Mary, the dynamics are insane she projects like an opera singer, the music is stocatto , creating a mad theatrical vibe if you can call it that, whatever it is if it doesn’t move you, you’re a plank, and it is insane live…

  15. Thunder says:

    Heroin Mary Voice of the best opera singer coupled with band dynamics from outer space, dramatically epic.

  16. Lucy says:

    Vampire. That drum track is saucy business

  17. Catherine-Anne Coelho says:

    Spider’s Eye is certainly my favorite Lark song by far! I will be honest, the lyrics are a bit daft, but the melody lines are astounding and the overall feel of the song is mesmerizing.

  18. keldogg says:

    Moonlight…Spiders Eye…Heroin Mary…Tricksy… how could I possibly choose just one? Thats like asking a parent to decide which child of theirs they love the most…even the ones you aren’t crazy about are pretty awesome in their own way. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  19. Tea Bags says:

    I rate “Brave” (Haezer remix) because it opens with a punchy hedonistic contorted electronic asphalt which simultaneously turns its head, and has you wondering down an audio path delivering you into light reverb,bouncing off distant memories.Like a near death experience it wanders in and out of melanchoic realms leaving u in an unknown aesthetic landscape.
    A must for any audio anarchist.”

  20. Jolling2 says:


  21. Duncan says:

    I loved Spiders Eye (The first Lark song I heard), closely followed by Heroin Mary…. but then Lark has so many brilliant songs đŸ™‚

  22. Steemo says:

    Don’t have a favorite song, copied this from the comments above: ‘Heroin Mary’

    Just want to go to the jol and not pay R80!


  23. Eradicator says:

    Black Swan. Slow to get going, but at 2:06 becomes the most awesome sound yet produced. Black Swan live rates as my favourite musical experience. And Inge is hot. Best SA performer by far.

  24. Mick says:

    Sadly, I wish I could also agree with everyone else and say Heroin Mary, which is fanfuckingtastic, but Creature is bad ass in my opinion.
    The second occasion witnessing Inge theatrics was Ramfest 2010 and Creature resonated through the black seas of people in the gorge of the hill up to my shaking and uneasy feet at the top of the hill. Her lyrics swelled as she was puppeteer-ed about the stage in thrusting energy whilst my acid-induced hallucinations painted the puppeteers hands above the Ramfest stage, controlling her corpse in macabre but beautiful fashion.

    I was genuinely scared of that song.
    Loved it.

  25. Caelin says:

    Pearly Silver, dark but so pretty.

  26. Grant says:

    Heroin Mary.
    It gave me a boner the first time I heard it, which was weird and rad at the same time. Like getting a lapdance from an intergalactic stripper.

  27. stretch says:

    I’m not gonna say anything because I’ve only got their mp3’s, I’M A BAD PERSON :((( I need musical rehabilitation…

  28. michelle says:

    Oh my which song isn’t my favourite! She is amazing and best local performer by far!!

  29. Candice says:

    Spider’s Eye is my favorite. Also I always feel like Inge is putting a spell on the crowd with that song. It freaks me out. In a good way.

  30. Lisa Herselman says:

    Tricksy. ‘Casue its kind of playful but still brilliantly eerie and it reminds me of CocoRosie. Another reason is that I’m completely useless and only saw one or two songs of theirs at Splashy and I’m quite devistated. And poor.

  31. caittiac says:

    Two Wolves. ‘Cos it’s sehxy. So sehxy.

    (If I ‘win’ this I will be able to buy the album at the launch. If I don’t, I will have to wait 27 days. I live in Port Edward. Port Edward. Give me just a little bit of joy, please?)

  32. caittiac says:

    Darn-it! Didn’t read the fine print… too late. She cried.

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