Win Free Entry To GM Tronica!


This Friday, GMT makes it’s way to Origin for the first time and they have a banger of a line-up to get you sweating despite this pesky cold front. Broken Toy will be making his way up from CT and he’ll be joined by local stalwarts Veranda Panda, Globot, Rocco and Kurt, D’urban Knights and Dizruptkidd featuring Dimitri Barry playing some blues on his trusty guitar. It’s a trance themed party so get out the tie-dye and hippy gear, but probably leave the LSD at home.


Now as you know, GMT parties are known for getting rather filthy, and their posters for Friday’s event are testament to this. We’ve been given two guest spots to give away to those of you that like to revel in filth and debauchery. To win one of these guest spots, share your filthiest GMT story with us. Can be something you’ve done, seen or heard from a friend of a friend, anything, so long as it’s filthy. Dig up that dirt and throw it all over the comment section.


Competition closes at 17:00 on Thursday the 19th of July.

Check out the latest episode of Turtle Neck News to get an idea of the weirdness you’re in for this weekend.


10 Responses to “Win Free Entry To GM Tronica!”
  1. Fake Name says:

    There’s been far too much filth at GMT but the coke sold at the Bat Center during the World Cup had to be the dirtiest sihit ever.

  2. jethro says:

    Cane shooters!!

  3. anastasia says:

    Haha when I was still a grom. (15 or 16). I rocked up to GMT with my fake paper I.D, flirted with everything on two legs (or 4 if u count the really trashed ones), drank 8 cane shots, puked in the filthy bat centre bathroom 3 times, whilst hooking up with 5 guys and my night ended up with me falling down the BAT centre stares and having a snooze outside the beloved bat centre :’) dirtiest. Night. Everrrr

  4. Durban Critic says:

    I once fucked Ross Colepepper in the ass and then he sucked me dick. Pure filth.

  5. Hazey says:

    i was so fucked i chundered into my own drink, then carried on drinking my drink then later hooked up with sum betty whilst reeking of chunder breath!!
    fuck yeah!!!!
    hazey got game

  6. rocko says:

    low blow there critter, but its cool. i don’t mind like i said if you wanna talk smack your welcome to. no one take an anon serious. you should know this your pretty internet savvy

  7. Mick says:

    A team of us all went with a couple 1litres of Cane, drank it neat, blanked out and found out the next day we:

    – Vommed on girl.
    – Hooked up with 3 girls (amoung us).
    – Vommed in the car.
    – Hooked up with the car.
    – Drank more Cane shot with Matt Baronet.
    – Forgot who Matt even was.
    – Ate packets of chips from the Caltex over the road.
    – Dented a friends car pretending to be a police man. I’m not actually a real police man.
    – Didnt tell the friend… Just acted equally as surprised.
    – Woke up in the back of the bakkie with my brother filming me.
    – Went to visit my grandparents for my nan’s birthday.

  8. Mick says:

    Maybe anastasia was one of the girls I hooked up while under influence of cane shots??
    Could have been a debauchery of drunken romance?

    Cane shots aha

  9. Bill says:

    One time at Bat camp I threw an 11 year old girl over the balcony because the selfish slag wouldn’t buy me a drink. Later I was told it was actually an 11 year old boy, so I gave him a bumshag in the commode.

  10. Ozzie says:

    Y’all can’t handle yer drink!

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