That’s just like, your opinion : Life & Death between Chai

Since this site is called Durban is YOURS, we figured we’d get off our high horses and ask you, the general populous, your opinion on various goings-ons around the city. First up, we chat to a couple peeps at the Life & Death between Chai exhibition at The Factory Cafe.

Last Thursday saw a couple hundred people pack out The Factory Cafe for Kevin Goss-Ross, Gareth Bright and Caitlin Fay Smith’s photography exhibition, Life & Death between Chai. The theme of the exhibit was India which they made very apparent, although each photographer captured the country and its people in their own tell-tale style. We cornered some people and made them tell us what they thought of the show so that you don’t hate US in the comments section anymore. Now you can hate these fine folk instead.


Sophia, 21 (Only for a few more hours), Student and Micaela, 22, Student.


DIY: What did you enjoy about the exhibit?

Sophia: I enjoyed the size of it and I really liked the way it was laid out. I really liked that you could go in and weren’t done in 10 minutes, you could get lost in the pictures, it felt a bit like a maze. I’ve been here for over an hour and it doesn’t feel like that.

Micaela: I really liked that there were three very different photographers who each had a certain style and it was all in one theme, so it was incredibly interesting to see how they each interpreted the same theme but through almost different mediums within the overall medium of photography.


DIY: Whose work did you enjoy the most?

Micaela: I’m not sure which photographer I could say I liked most. I like that Caitlin’s photography had stories attached so it wasn’t just a picture of another person in India, there was some back story about how she was involved with them. And then I think that Kevin always chooses very interesting subjects for his portraits.

Sophia: The thing is, I know Kevin, so I felt drawn to his stuff so I’m probably a bit biased. His work was very colourful so it stood out to me, but as Micaela said, you could definitely see whose work was whose and I think for a photographer, it’s quite an accomplishment to have your own definite style.


DIY: Have either of you ever been to India?

Sophia: No…

Micaela: I wish.


DIY: Does this exhibit make you want to go there?

Sophia: I really wanted to go there to start with so it just makes me more excited to do so.

Micaela: As someone that’s interested in photography it does make me want to go explore more adventurous areas and just travel more in general, but not to your generic London or New York, more to places with different cultures and to see them with my own eyes.


Andrea, 24, Designer.


DIY: Have you ever been to India?

Andrea: I have, yes.


DIY: And how does this exhibit compare to your experience?

Andrea: Well tonight is less chaotic than India would be, but the music and decorations are a good touch…


DIY: I kinda meant with the photography, did you experience any similar situations?

Andrea: I saw a lot more hardship so I think the exhibit doesn’t show the REALLY downtrodden…


DIY: Do you think that’s because of the style of photography or the subject matter as a whole?

Andrea: It depends, I don’t know what they were initially looking to do but the one guy, Kevin, you could see that he carefully chose his subjects and set up the shots which was great but it didn’t really show what India was all about. The shots are still beautiful though…


Kurt, 27, Broke-ass musician.


DIY: Who’s you’re favourite photographer on exhibit tonight?

Kurt: I dunno, I thought Kevin Goss-Ross was the only guy. Are there more than one?


DIY: Did you not notice the different styles between photos?

Kurt: Not really, I’m not really an arty guy…


DIY: Okay… Did this make you want to go to India?

Kurt: Yeah, but I’ve always just wanted to go to India anyway. It didn’t take a photo exhibition to make me want to go there.


DIY: But does the exhibit change your initial opinion on India? Did you see a different side to it that hasn’t been portrayed before?

Kurt: I think India is always portrayed for what it really is, like if you watch National Geographic and shit like that…


DIY: So you think it’s an honest portrayal of India?

Kurt: I guess so. I just saw a photo selling vegetables and like, a fucking pile of shit next to it. I heard it’s a pretty dirty place but it’s beautiful at the same time. I guess that sums it up.


I guess that does. We’ll be looking to do this more often with more people, when we remember to charge our camera, so if you see the DIY team out and we look like we’re harassing people for their opinions, come say hi.

What did you think of the exhibition? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Daisy says:

    I like this way of doing it. Nice

  2. scrone says:

    Rad! Now we can hate on the crappy people & stalk the girl in the glasses. You got a name for me, Bob?

  3. MitchHATE says:

    Scrone you fycking beaut

  4. Bob says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  5. Tam says:

    Good God. I’m calling my lawyers 😉 Better get the cat faces ready!

  6. xdoomx says:

    Worldclass exhibition. Best I’ve ever been to. Ever.

  7. ian lewis says:

    What an amazing exhibition! Good to see a large crowd supporting this event. We need more like this!

  8. megs says:

    The photo of Andy and Tam is by far the bessssst

  9. Samora says:

    kurt was epic!

  10. Matt_Theknight says:

    i just wee’d a little. thanks kurt

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