Life and Death between Chai. Tonight!


If you’ve just discovered the internet, then you’re forgiven for not knowing about tonight’s exhibition at The Factory Cafe, but the rest of you have no excuse. Gareth Bright, Kevin Goss-Ross and Caitlin Fay Smith will be exhibiting 91 prints from their separate trips to India. All three are brilliant photographers and have vastly contrasting styles that make for interesting viewing. I managed to get a sneak peak of the exhibit being set up and they’ve gone all out and full DIY with one of the most innovative display set-ups I’ve seen. Backing them up will be Matt Vend and his trusty guitar, both of which spent some time in India too. And if that’s not enough India for you, they’ll be giving the first 100 people a free bean bunny (although yes, the bunny is a very Durban dish.) This exhibit is one night only so don’t let winter freeze you. Put ya jumper on, get out the house, and go feel, taste, see and hear the warmth of India.

And if you’re looking for an after party once you’ve picked up a print or two, Jackie Horner seems to be where everyone is headed.


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