Win Free Entry To NoNoNo!!!

Yup, the NoNoNo!!! parties are back and they’re returning with a bang. This Friday sees Seake, Dr Fly and The Nurses, Drone 375 featuring Liana BarcielaFour Lungs (from the UK), Johnny D (Holland) and an eclectic mix of local DJ’s taking over The Willowvale Hotel to warm up these winter holidays with 3 sweating dancefloors.

The damage is R60, but you know how we do, we’re giving away 4 sets of double guest spots. Because we love you.


To win, tell us which act/s you’re most amped to get down to and why. That’s it. Hit us up with a comment and you and a mate could be jolling for free, boet.

Competition closes at midnight on Wednesday the 27th of June, winners announced on Thursday


For another chance to win, like the Doktor NONONO Facebook page and you’ll be added into a lucky draw for a double guest spot.

16 Responses to “Win Free Entry To NoNoNo!!!”
  1. dizzle says:

    Seake! Cos they were playing when i walked into my first nonono party 4 years ago and remain my only memory from that night aside from the warm beer, dancefloor sweat and throwing up warm beer and dancefloor sweat on the pavement outside.

  2. A says:

    All of them, because.
    Now STFU and gimme free entry!

  3. Ry says:

    Dr Fly & The Nurses. Because they’re fly. And I’m Ry.

  4. Matt says:

    Definitely Seake. They have the biggest writing on the flyer so they must be the best.

  5. Jodi says:

    Seake! I’ve only seen them once and I was BLOWN AWAY!!! So much so that I’ve written a little poem..

    The musical genius that that is the duo called Seake,
    Send electronic shocks through my veins to produce ace takkie squeak.
    My booty starts shaking,
    I get in the zone –
    To dance, to feel
    Every sound mix they own.
    They don’t just play, they create.
    Yoh, my heart is needing another Seake dance floor date.

  6. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    DJ Fuego Heat! oh…wait…commie bastards.

  7. Denise says:

    Come Friday…can’t wait for Kevin’s slot…

    He’s PURE…NO MANURE!!!

    Masterful mixing…not messy

    BIGG BASS…hits my gut

    Before I know it, I’m off my butt!!!

    Fluid, flyaway grooves…

    Come Friday!

  8. Jesus says:

    i like vagina and there will be lots there and i like getting down to vagina


  9. Ashley says:

    Drone 375 and Liana.

    Can never get enough of their live act, just too good.

  10. Clint says:


  11. noodle says:

    I need the tickets because the last jol I went to was in Lions River. I need a party palate cleanser.

  12. Zweli says:

    Dr Fly, Toine, Renaud 5 and Scissorhands, but especially Toine!! Sounds like my agenda for Friday has been set then.

  13. Seake says:

    DJ Fuego Heat.

  14. Earthula says:

    Seake! Coz they’re funky as …

  15. thank you for entering all of you so nicely!

    the midnight bones were thrown, and spake forthly:

    dizzle – Doktor say everyone deserves second chance in life.
    Jodi – Doktor has sweet tooth.
    Zweli – knows her shit.
    Jesus – Doktor never resist putting Jesus on the guestlist.

    Your names + 1 on the door ka-ching!

    Come again.

    Doktor Nonono.

  16. Ps.

    Guestlist closes 10pm.

    Because why? Because that’s when Dr Fly + the Nurses fly. .

    Come again.

    Doktor Nonono.

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