The White EP Launch

Veranda Panda may not be a household name yet, but due to constant gigging and producing, they’ve become a well known act in Durban over the last year. They recently launched their first EP, The White EP, and Bob Perfect was there to catch the show.


Over the last year I think I’ve seen Veranda Panda perform in their various forms more than any other musician, band or DJ, in Durban, and at more venues than most, too. Some may say they’ve overplayed, but they’ve been putting in the hard yards and put the last year down on record in the form of The White EP.


Live played host to the launch of their new EP and by the time I arrived, a couple hundred fans of the DJ and Violinist duo had already filled the place out and were getting warmed up to NightVision on the decks. Some fans were kitted out in Panda gear, and those that weren’t, could acquire panda paraphernalia from the merch table at the door. A neat touch that added a bit of festivity to the night.



Backed by VJing of Primal Rage and Planet Of The Apes cut scenes, they kicked off their set with an Irish ditty of sorts on the violin, which moved into a warm up of the bass fusion that was to come. Jane and Liam have been creating their own violin backed, swing and hip hop influenced bass heavy music for a while now, and their experience together shone through from the start.
After a slight mishap with a mix of Knees Out, they were joined on stage by saxophonist Maxine Matthews and Ewok who switched between hype man and lyrical MC with ease. Live is a big stage and Ewok and maxine helped Jane and Liam fill it. The stage grew fuller with the addition of Dr Fly and The Nurses to the mix and their occasional abandonment of their trademark choreography added to the chaos on stage. Veranda Panda collaborated a lot on the EP and seeing them weave it all together live was truly impressive. I can be a bit of a dick when it comes to DJ’s but Liam’s manic live beat mixing on electronic instruments that I couldn’t name or count, shook any cynical thought out of my mind.



I took a break from watching the on stage spectacle to look at the crowd around me, and everyone at the very least had their head nodding with many choosing to bounce around the dance floor. I even caught sight of a dude stage diving and getting caught which is usually a sign of a good show and is probably a rare occurrence during a Veranda Panda set.


As EP launches go, it’s hard to do better. I know it’s weird coming from me since I’m not usually a fan of the more electronic stuff, but they rose to the occasion and put on a dynamic and original performance that got the dancefloor going nuts. And when it comes to live music, isn’t that the point?



*All images © Russell Grant

8 Responses to “The White EP Launch”
  1. Daisy says:

    They sound cool, nice review 🙂

  2. King says:

    I prefer it when Bob hates stuff.

  3. Will says:

    I wasn’t there but you gotta love the panda!

  4. that guy says:

    Big ups to Liam and Jane. They’re paving the way for other live electronic acts to emerge from the Durban underground.

    challenge conventions!

  5. Ozzie says:

    Veranda Pandemic! High five

  6. Greg says:

    Nice to see you moving away from writing all about yourself Bob, there’s hope for you yet.

  7. The Nurses says:

    Holy smokes, we’re a good lookin’ trio of singin’ sisters

  8. Matt says:

    Would gangbang.

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