A night at the pub

Last week saw the stars aligning just perfectly for The Winston Pub to be the host of a rare occurrence these days, a Sibling Rivalry show. Bob Perfect gets all nostalgic and Kevin Goss-Ross brings you the visuals.


I met most of my friends and discovered my favourite bands at The Winston. Those couches that used to be where Origin’s entrance now is, spawned some of the most influential conversations and happiest memories of my life. It’s where I discovered music and ideas that have shaped who I’ve become. Hell, it’s where I got my first blowjob. But whenever I think of The Winston, there’s one band that stands out in mind that over the years made that place home. So, it’s fitting that they’re the band that all these years later, saw me back at the place I grew up in, sharing a Monday night with many of those same friends watching Sibling Rivalry once more.


Both the band and the pub have gotten older, gone through many changes, are less popular and have slightly faded into obscurity. The Winston lost the upstairs area and Sibling has lost various members over the years. The thing is, they’ve both stood the test of time because neither have lost their core. All The Winston ever needed was a stage and somebody to fill it, and all Matt, Steve, Badger and Haydn ever need is a stage. (Having all the members in the same country probably does help a bit too.)


Haydn’s brief two week return from Scandinavia saw Sibling play an impromptu show to help some punks get over their Monday blues. Now that most of us have grown up and gotten jobs, it was much appreciated. It didn’t matter if they were tight or not, hell, it didn’t even matter if they were in tune or even plugged in. The lads gave it their all and the crowd gave it right back. They played some old songs, they played some less old songs, there was a pit, a bit of skanking, a couple stage dives and smiling faces throughout The Pub. What better way to start the week?



*All images © Kevin Goss-Ross

8 Responses to “A night at the pub”
  1. Whoa says:

    So much happiness in those photos. Damn.

  2. Martin says:

    Fuck I miss those days. But the pub is still there and I think it’s about time we repopulated it. The die hards are still there every week, it’s their home, but I’ll admit I haven’t called the Winnie home for quite a while. Shame on me, I need to party there more often, so many great memories, there’s no reason to not create some more.

  3. Mark says:

    Great band, good times, great memories!

  4. Sarah Dee says:

    Fuck those are some kiff shots, Kev.

  5. DAZLA MATRAz says:

    That last photo is too ill !

  6. Ozzie says:

    Bummed I missed this show 🙁 Bloody Skeg Flu of note

  7. Matt says:

    Last photo makes me sad. Dude’s fingers are too fingery.

  8. T says:

    those are my fingers… as in chick, not dude! 😉

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