Saturday Night (at) Live

Car Boot Vendors are back after nearly a year’s sabbatical, Anti Retro Vinyls just signed to Just Music and Fruit and Veggies, well, they’re Fruit and Veggies. The three of them played a show together on Saturday night at Live and Eliza Day was there to review the show.


Saturday night at Live was a platform for some uber powerful performances. The three bands on the bill were a smorgasbord of variety and each one delivered in their own very individual way. The first band up, after a year-long sabbatical, were Car Boot Vendors.

The legend of Sibling Rivalry lives long amongst the punk scene in SA, both past and present. Specifically, the bulgy-eyed, kick-jumping, all-consuming presence of front man, Matt or ‘Beard’ as he is fondly referred to. I was really looking forward to his voice, which I’d heard was very individual with its rasping protest against classically trained singers.

looking pale and cocky as he shrieked at the crowd and assaulted a few with his mic stand.

Beard blazes, massive and mad when on-stage. The proto-punk acoustic combination of growling exuberance along with the rather ‘schooled’ sound of Justin on drums, ‘Meaty One’ endearing us with a tiny Uklele and Badger revving bass, shows these guys can jam together well. It comes across as a fresh handle yet still there is that element of ‘old time,bohemian story-telling’ which for me was my favourite characteristic about Carboot Vendors. While Beard is immense, as his breed of punked-out Woody Guthrie should be, the band made excellent use of timing and allowed for each member to come into his own and add his piece to the puzzle.




One thread of distinction that ran across all three performances and bridged them together, was a defined punk edge. The Anti-Retro Vinyls swaggered and slunk aboard the stage looking like the epitome of ripped and ruined youth. Greg, the vocalist was sewn into some serious p/leather pants, looking pale and cocky as he shrieked at the crowd and assaulted a few with his mic stand. These guys have recently been signed by Just Music, the same label who are looking after Shadowclub. Ahem. After watching their set and becoming acquainted with what is a very slick pop-punk, rock ‘n roll machine, I have no doubts that The ARV’s are going to dirty up all the charts very soon. At one point there were more girls on stage trying to touch Harry, the guitarist’s ass and steal Greg’s garter than could be explained rationally. This is the beginning of something big.



The night was tied up by Fruits and Veggies. I had only ever seen them in an unplugged setting before this weekend and it hit me that this band should only ever play fully electric. The only reason for my saying so is that they are too damn good to let any of that energy not have some kind of amp to really support them. The fact that Cam Lofstrand, who is one of the most epic guitar players I’ve seen in SA, injects his prowess when F&V are all plugged in, could be the cause of this dynamic. Purity, the lead singer, is both terrifying and awe-inspiring in how she dominates the stage. She has a truly brazen voice that bellows and cuts through sound waves. When I met her afterwards, I could hardly believe this soft-spoken creature was the same fiercely sequined ‘Afrodite’ we’d just witnessed do voodoo vocals onstage. She was joined onstage regularly by Beard and the two clashed voice boxes and wailed chaotically. Their duet was a little less impressive than when the two did their own thing. They’re both highly charismatic and I guess I just felt like someone might fall off the stage if they didn’t part ways soon.


Never mind the bollocks, there is an air of anarchy in KZN


*All images © Russell Grant

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  1. MitchHATE says:

    This is going to get trolled.



  3. GCL says:


  4. Jeff Goldblum says:

    I doubt it MitchHATE.

    Nothing to troll here.

    Decent account of a night at Live, i wasn’t there but i heard it was amazing.
    This made for a pleasant read.

  5. Ugh says:

    These photos are epic. Russell Grant I do not know who you are but you are one talented human being.

  6. bobby says:

    awesome review but could have been a bit longer… just saying… either way, i heard enough stories from friends and have seen all three bands enough times to be pretty sure this was a rocking show 🙂 lovely!

  7. Jolling! says:

    I’m surprised that someone that has never heard of capitalisation could even read that much.
    Shut the fuck up Bobby.

  8. Sarah Dee says:

    My last memory of the night was around really-late o’clock getting pretty much swept out of the venue with a broom and standing on the pavement with like 30 kids looking kinda bewildered that the party was ending. Like, it was one of those nights that feels like a vortex of party-awesome you might get trapped in forever. Alas all good things come to an end, I guess.

  9. xdoomx says:

    LOLZ at the Live comment. Masterful

  10. pissingblood says:

    It was an awesome show. Great write up. Glad nothing was said of the venue. Those dudes like sucking their own dicks too much for anyone to pay them any serious compliments.

  11. James says:

    There always has to be some fucker with the attitude. I agree Bob.. Lovely!

  12. Pascal says:

    I loved this review. It’s nice to read about my friends from someone else’s perspective, especially when they sound as cool as I know they are.

  13. Lets just watch sound and lighting says:

    Hey live venue, why don’t you put on a show with just the sound and lighting and no bands, then everyone can come and just watch you guys play with your lighting all night…..Maybe that would make you happy. Remember its about the music.

  14. Negatron says:


  15. Mick says:


  16. Great read and brilliant photos, especially that first one. Well done!

  17. Rhyan Rockingrolling Rudman says:

    Live the Lighting show

  18. Sophia says:

    Great photos Russ! I agree with Zweli – that first one is rather something. Live is a wonderful venue – keep up the excellent work!

  19. The Lappies says:

    Good review but I find it sad that people are so full of hate that they have to troll and make stupid comments, maybe next time we should make the bands play in the dark with no sound and then lets see the crits come rolling in, lol, get over yourselves haters, lifes a bitch and then you die. According to the bands that have played there so far its the best venue in the country, and thats their opinion, not ours, shot!!!

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