Banana Clip – D’urban Knights Music Video

The new D’urban Knights video for Banana Clip has finally dropped in time for their gig at Live this weekend. It’s so damn smooth and features a ton of cameos from Durban musicians. It also doesn’t hurt that the DIY crew were involved. Ch-ch-ch-check it.

From the Youtube description:


Alistair Heath: Director, Editor and Camera Duties.

Stathi Kougianos: Mural and Cassette Art

Martin Barrios: Grip and Production Assistant

Preston Kyd: Production Assistant

Dak props and thanks to:

Russel Grant for helping out with the lighting.

Tracy Carrol for driving us around.

All the homies who pulled in and managed to keep straight faces, all the while fighting for their lives – struggling to survive the toxicity of Marcus’ tuberculosis breath.

Stathi Kougianos for his fucking SUPERHUMAN work-ethic (locking himself in a studio for like twenty-four hours straight, with nothing but herb and a whole-wheat wrap to keep him going while he painted shit).

Lukkah. Enjoy.

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9 Responses to “Banana Clip – D’urban Knights Music Video”
  1. Ross says:

    great job! i want to see more stuff like this!

  2. Jesus H Christ says:

    love the upside down cross. sleeek.

  3. Kirst says:

    Nice one boys!

  4. Mamoo says:

    Fuckin ay guys!

  5. 1 Blood says:

    Fuck Die Antwoord, this is where it’s at yo.

  6. Wylie says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaiym, Alistair, you pretty fly bredda!

  7. Mugnai says:

    Nice one Stathi, great murals!!

  8. Stathi says:

    Shot Christian!
    Much appreciated.

  9. Tyler says:

    One of the greatest music video ideas I’ve seen but that faux American accent needs to stop.

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