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Working Class have teamed up with Volcom Stone to bring you the “Locals Only” exhibition going down next week at The Upstairs. It is gonna be super dope, best you get there early with your art money ready.


Working Class is an endeavor of Tyrone Bradley, Skullboy and Christian Mugnai. It was founded by Tyrone and Skullboy at the end of 2010 with the aim of encouraging and promoting the local art and counter culture scene within Durban as well as the country. Their first successful show was ‘Our Lives of Deckadence’, an exhibition of skateboard culture in South Africa with photographers and artists from CPT, JHB and DBN. Since then, they have been hosting shows every month since December in a gallery space they secured in a popular Durban restaurant. They have now also moved into their own studio/office space nestled in between a double-story XXX Video store, a brothel and a skin flick cinema. They couldn’t be happier.


You can pay them a visit on or check out


Locals Only

WorkingClass and Volcom Stone Present ‘Locals Only’ which is a traveling publication launch and screen print exhibition featuring 18 of South Africa’s finest creatives. 6 artists each from Durban,Cape Town and Johannesburg were given the brief to communicate their personal experiences in their respective cities. Each city was given a different colour palette with which the artist had to work in. The aim being to portray the allure of each city as seen through the minds of it’s creatives.


Each artwork is catalogued in a full-colour, litho-printed A5 publication as well as being reproduced as an A2, 2-colour screen print, all of which will be on sale at the launches. Each run of screen prints has been limited to 10 prints per province (30 in total countrywide), making each artwork particularly rare. The A5 publication will be hitting the countries more awesome venues over the month of March to launch the product, aptly titled – Locals Only.

Featured Artists Include:

Christian Mugnai (DBN)

Mary-anne Hampton (DBN)

Matthew Kay (DBN)

Skullboy (DBN)

Thomas de Beer (DBN)

Wesley van Eeden (DBN)

Bruce Mackay (CPT)

Gerhard Human (CPT)

Jaco Haasbroek (CPT)

Pearly Yon (CPT)

Studio Muti (CPT)

WarwickKay (CPT)

AliceEdy (JHB)

Jana+Koos (JHB)

Leigh Harrington (JHB)

Louis Minaar (JHB)

Nicholas Christowitz (JHB)

Sindiso Nyoni (JHB)




Studio Muti


3 Responses to “Working Class”
  1. Skullboy is a true inspiration for the Durban scene, our lives of Deckadence was awesome! I’ve got high hopes for Locals Only

  2. Jeff Goldblum says:

    that design Skully recently did for City Bowl’s new t-shirt is the shit!
    i <3 skullboy, he IS durban.

  3. Jeff Goldblum's Cousin says:

    Definitely getting my grubby hands on that tee at the next CBM gig.
    Its fuckin legit.

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