Warming Up For Splashy Fen

Recent import from Cape Town, Eliza Day, gives us a fresh perspective on our hometown and reviews the Splashy Warm Up gig at new venue, Live.

I was interested to see what Durban had to offer in the shape of a music scene after I moved here a couple months ago. Covering the Splashy Fen warm up show seemed like a  good place to get some insight into the goings on of the creative crowd, with a line up that consisted of something kinda new, Black Math, a well established Durban band, The City Bowl Mizers and MK Award Nominees, The La Els.


Coming from Cape Town, a lot of people would be apprehensive about moving to Durban, which is not exactly renowned for being a hub of culture. However, I have to say, being here has been like stepping into a forgotten set in 80’s Hollywood. The sensation I get from spending time on the hot, humid streets of Durban is romantic. It’s like a dusty old show-stopper with its lanes of palm trees and exotic looking cabana bars lining the streets. One gets the feeling that anything could happen at any time and the chances of unearthing some elusive gem within the Florida Road night clubs are good. Young, colourful people come out from the suburban hills and populate the bars and events as eager to find the fun as they are happy to create it themselves. Slightly sleepy and littered with glitter, Durban is the perfect place to inspire some beautiful art.

I love a band that picks up a crowd and turns the place into a dance hall purely driven by their energy

Live: The Venue is looking to become one of the better music venues Durban has seen in some time. Situated on Stamford Hill Rd, this large warehouse hosted the Splashy Fen Warm Up show on Saturday night. A wall to wall bar and spacious dance floor were impressive, if a little dingy with all that blue light, but overall the setup worked really well for a good live music vibe. I put this down mostly to the sound which is pretty tops considering how large and hollow it is. I really hope this venue holds out against the odds and stays open for a long while to come.


The first band of the night was the real reason I had such a good time. Black Math are three pieces of dank rock ‘n roll talent. I hear they’re fresh out of high school and as innocent as little lambs but close your eyes and you’d see a music video of dangerous looking leather-heads jamming up a frenzy inspired by the beauty of a wasted youth high on Zeppelin. Sure, it’s not a new sound, but the way those kids play together taking rock ‘n roll riffs and blowing the shit out of them at such an early age promises that they have the means to really progress in their style. I love a band that picks up a crowd and turns the place into a dance hall purely driven by their energy. The drummer is self-taught and tight as hell. Vocally, something tells me that the front man’s voice has not entirely, erm, broken but it’s hardly the point when you watch him play guitar; commanding and conjuring up such dirty feedback and interesting arrangements. The bass player is an all out maniac who makes use of a nice big stage, running and jumping throughout the performance, getting us all amped to move and shake.


My only problem with Black Math that night was that they didn’t headline. No way they should be opening for City Bowl Mizers or The La Els. I wasn’t blown away by the Mizers, despite the gushing tones of their many fans who couldn’t wait to see them. They’ve been around for a while and it shows because their set just sounds tired to me. The vocals, lyrics and general vibe are thematically a little juvenile and I don’t see these guys getting much love outside of Durban where they’ve managed to build up something of a loyal following. They did inspire some serious crowd surfing though, so I can vouch for these guys making people happy which is a good thing. I’m just not sure why.


I didn’t realise that The La Els were a cover band. Whilst chatting outside they came on and did a track by Death From Above. I’m not opposed to covers per se, but if you are going to go there inject some artistic license and rehash the number at least. That and the fact Death From Above is made up of a drummer and bassist who pack power and genius, compared to The La Els who look like a chorus troupe, doesn’t do the attempt any justice. Book them for a Bar Mitzvah and you won’t be disappointed, so that’s something to keep in mind. Good energy and good will plus a crowd that had been plied with booze for hours kept the show lively and the party lasted long into the night. I left hot and happy, ready for Splashy Fen with all my heart. For those of you heading up to Underberg in the next couple of weeks for the festival, I urge you to make this a big one. Bring your best game, your own instruments, superfluous amounts of mood enhancers and emergency pick-me-ups. See you there.


*All images © Russell Grant

100 Responses to “Warming Up For Splashy Fen”
  1. Dayle says:

    I still think CBM’s new ep/songs are tits kiff, granted i am one of the “loyal followers” :D. Kiff review

  2. Dusty Rich says:

    Interesting review, i couldn’t make it but heard from tones of folks that it was dripping in epic-ness. Be cool if anyone else who went to add their take on the eve.

  3. Dusty Rich says:

    oh and super amping on the new venue!

  4. leigh says:

    nice to hear an outsiders view of our rather incestuous durban scene.. we think what we have is of a national standard but we bitch when we are not represented/ respected as much as the other cities. isnt it a breath of fresh air to hear someone who has no loyalty to the bands or the venue or the promoters, give their opinion? is this venue really as good as we durbanites want it to be? are our bands as relevant on a national level as we need them to be? and by extension, do we seem to WANT to be on the same level as everyone else, or are we following a different set of standards? As usual, DIY’s making me puzzle..

  5. Fair review, i’m stoked DIY has taken on some new talent, keen to read more from you Eliza Day.
    Criticism is good and this review only serves as motivation to try harder and do our best with regards to future shows.
    We really enjoyed our set at Live and were stoked with the response, so thank you to everyone who supported us, Black Math (who solidly rock!) and our homies The La Els who kept the dance-floor heaving.

    Having been around for a couple of years, we know for a fact we’re not everyone’s favourite band and we know we have a solid following in Durban, but we can’t win them all outside of KZN, we can only keep doing what we do, the way we like doing it.

    I must say we are super stoked with the welcomed addition of ‘Live: the venue’, i’m sure it’ll raise both the standards of music and performance in Durban, even ours. Places like this help evolve the calibre of live acts. Like you said the sound is tops and it’s the most important and crucial element in nurturing up-and-coming and established acts.

    Thanks for the honest review and welcome to Durban Eliza, we all hope you enjoy it here and help the scene grow into something we can all be proud of.


  6. N says:

    “Death from Above”? You mean Death from Above 1979, right?

    It’s refreshing to have an outsider’s viewpoint, but quite a weird review. You can’t really act authoritative if you don’t have adequate knowledge to back it up. What about the rest of the La El’s set? What about CBM makes them juvenile? Just, yeah, weird.

    The new venue sounds nice, though. Will check it out when I head back to Durban sometime.

  7. Michael Celliers says:

    Awesome review..

    Honest and good sport to the Mizers.


  8. So long Durban says:

    Fantastic, another self important reviewer judging more than she has sold. I have an idea for all the bands and event organizers in this country, make sure you don’t let critics in for free. At least that way you can go buy yourself some lubrication and get yourself ready for them to FUCK YOU IN ASS, which they surely will.

    Every time i read a review on Durban is Yours, or Mahala or any of the other self appointed judges of our cultural scene, i get this feeling of sheer sadness. It’s a story of the Weak eating the Needy to get strong. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, you idiots.

    How much money do you think musicians make in this country? How much time do you think they can spend on their craft in these circumstances? they come out and play music because they dig to, how about coming and watching a show and keeping your unwanted opinion to yourself.

    The City Bowl Mizers have played in this city, and around the country to applause and gratitude, so your ‘don’t see these guys getting much love outside of Durban’ comment is just bad form.

    What role/need is there for you and your kind really? Like, what do the public need you for? the bands and event organizers certainly don’t.

    So with this final note I’ll tell you, have fun in Durban, its nice to have a big city scenester among us small town Durbanites. I, who have played in bands and frequented more shows than I can remember, shall be moving on from these sunny shores soon. Its not your fault, you just make it so much easier, and for this I thank you.

  9. Dayle says:

    CBM is pretty much as durban as a durban band can be, so outsiders not fully feeling the vibe is understandable

  10. allytangclan says:

    nice. black math were champion that night – big ups, guys, if you’re reading.

    bless this review,

    and bless Kony.

    does anyone else miss that guy? there’s a Ugandan warlord shaped hole in my heart.

  11. Ry says:


    you mean “and GOD bless Kony.”
    Can’t forget to leave out the big guy.

    or you’ll get bad reviews.

  12. @ Ry
    @ Allytangclan
    See what happens when you forget to thank an anthropomorphic deity?
    Miss you Ry, whichever/ wherever you are.


  13. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    Marty bro, you are far too nice… I was there in the audience at this gig and its the best gig Ive seen in Durban in the past 3 years!!! Marty, I really disagree with you on most of your points as this skank has got nothing nice to say about anything except for black math, who in my opinion were nothing special at all. What a tired review by a seriously tired journo… Go back to Cape Town little girl cos its obvious that’s where you want to be.

    You have just proved to the world that you know absolutely nothing about live music, about what it takes to get up there and play to the crowd and make them move, about why a band throws in a couple covers, about why a one year old band with no achievements or milestones should headline a gig over bands that have made Durban proud over the past 5 years along with national competition winners the la Els…

    As for the pathetic comments about the venue being dingy you have just showed more of your weak and tired impression of live music and live music venues, next time we will ask them to turn on all the lights so we can all stand around like a bunch of cakes, maybe you should concentrate on reviewing dj gigs at Taco Zulu or something??? Once again go back to CT please, we beg you, you and your tired stories…

    Live is possibly the best thing that Durban has ever seen for live music but I spose being so spoilt by your little city by the mountain doesnt let you appreciate anything anymore than the assembly or mercury live, which in my opinion arent anywhere near the bar when compared to Live – The Venue.

    Concerned muso

    Durban is ours, not yours…

  14. allytangclan says:

    My face in the top photograph: looks like I have just witnessed some chick’s titty pop out her top, or something.

    Whether it was a good titty or a bad titty, I honestly do not know. I’ve got a Mona Lisa shock-face going on.

  15. Now she gone done it says:

    Best two lines I have ever read on this blog .

    “It’s a story of the Weak eating the Needy to get strong. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, you idiots.”

    Its always easier to criticize than to create. And even here the words spewed off use the artists and musicians as their muse. After all they’re writing about someone else’s creativity ( or the lack thereof they perceive) . Like watching a Black widow fuck, and then eat her mate. #Bitches gotta bitch

  16. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    @ so long durban – well written bro, good thing these scared little journos write under pseudonyms or else this specific little cow would be getting a beer drowning at the next fun in the sun for sure… sad day when people with no knowledge of what they are writing about write stories like this, it must be so embarrassing hence the pseudonym???


  17. luke says:

    biggest concern here seems to be that it was written by a woman. skank? little girl? bitch? stay classy durban musos. stay classy.

  18. Fuck says:

    The La Els

  19. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    @ now she gone done it – believe it… journous are the scrotum of our world, this article stinks of a mahala piece…

  20. Let’s not attack Eliza guys, she’s new and none of you know her, i don’t either. She’s probably a really cool person and will grow accustomed to life in Durban, everyone needs an adjustment period when moving somewhere where the pace is different to what you’re used to.
    We’re being far too judgmental, thats not who Durbanites are. If we keep this über defensive mentality up then we’ll lose our small town charm, sure enough we’ll end up like everyone else.
    Don’t become what you hate.

  21. Shutup Eliza Day Makes My Brain Hurt says:

    Yes, because Mahala invented critical thinking. Get a grip you fucking child.

  22. Luke is absolutely right, don’t make this about gender. Thats just lame and immature.
    Next time, before you go mouthing off, just ask yourself: “What would Henry Rollins do?

  23. I'm Not Eliza I Promise says:

    Jeez… Somebody keen on the 18y olds. Apparently they were the only things that got your heart rate up that evening.
    Don’t get me wrong, Black Math are bloody great, but FOK.
    As in all live music events, your headline act is of course your…. draw card. You following this Eliza?? The decided venue uses the top band to….. Yes, to bring in the crowd… you getting this Eliza?? So.. As an example, with City Bowl Mizers sitting on close to 4000 FB likes, The La Els on 2500 and Black Math on almost 270, you can understand why Black Math were not in fact the…… yes, the headline act…. Eliza.

    If you’re trying to be a so called controversial journalist, you need to be unbiased and probably take your head out of your ass so you can hear the music. Its like you walked onto your keyboard and just shat everywhere.

    Clean up your mess Eliza!! For fuck sakes!!

  24. Roachy says:

    yep its true, those Blath Math lighties are too good. They make us all look like tits 😛

    They make me wanna go back to the ol’ drawing board and learn a scale or 40.

  25. Cnut says:

    Shutup Eliza Day must be a La Els fucker.
    you have bled all over this page.
    go jerk off in Jonas’s lumo ribboned hat.

  26. allytangclan says:

    … Marty, I don’t quite see how that applies, as Rollins don’t waste no time on the internets. Fact.

    But both of you are correct. Now is not the time – or place – to get your ‘BITCHAZ AINT SHIT’ on.


  27. jono says:

    I think its kiff to just hear some different views, and really well written i might add. But dudes. chill. it is possible to thoroughly enjoy something and still be able to sit down look at its faults. yeah our bands rock and we rock to them. That wont change. But honesty is hard to find. And even if it leaves a slightly salty taste in your mouth and can only have a positive impact. Like Marti says, Its helpful to hear an honest opinion. It helps to give a well rounded picture of what one is doing. and so, better the way one does something. And lets be real, no one can say that there is no room for improvement in Durban’s multi talented music scene. And who knows… this article might inspire some up and coming bands to come out from the cracks and rock the fuck out of lil ol Durban. Rad read. look forward to more

  28. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    Apologies for being sexist, its not about gender at all so lets not stray from the subject. Its about a piece of seriously crappy pathetically researched writing and thats that! I dont care if she was a man or if he was a she or a him or her or a tranny, whatever… It seems she has very little knowledge of what she writes about and that in itself is poor journalism! And on the Henry Rollins issue, I dont think Henry would stand for this type of insulting literature, he wouldve probably slapped her one already, cos you know he is mates with Chuck Norris…

  29. I. Kal, Itasitas says:

    I smell a RAT!

  30. luke says:

    what a horrible rollins joke. you should be shot.

  31. Jesus H Christ says:


  32. Dayle says:

    rollins mates with chuck norris…… really?? is that your punch line

  33. Ous Must Know says:

    Everything said about The La Els is true. The band interaction between the members is poor, the “singing”/wailing is fuckin crap and there is nothing original about their sound. Everyone who got their panties in a bunch should really think about what was said and take heed.

  34. The Lappies says:

    Sheesh, shitstorm in a teacup or what? I agree with some people here that its not the most well informed or researched article but then I agree with others that it will take time for her to adjust to a new scene! Good point tho @Im not Eliza, headline acts are headline acts for a reason as well as @Good Guy Greg it will take time. A little more research on the venue and bands wouldve been good tho, seems not much time is spent on that suff these days?

  35. Shanelle says:

    I was really looking forward to reading this review because I missed the show, but I almost wish I hadn’t. I understand the merits of an outsiders view – when it is an interesting read and the criticism is constructive, but this was far from refreshing or fair. It just reads like the bitchy babbling of a poor little capetonian trying to make the best of her relocation to our little city. She sounds rather uninformed and i would expect a whole lot more from a review on the much awaited opening night of the venue.

    And i almost puked in my mouth after reading the 2nd paragraph.

    DIY, you can do so much better!

  36. mynameisgrant. says:

    fuck around the lighting set up looks nuts.

  37. @Grant

    Dude, you will froth over the lighting, can’t wait to see your future work at Live.

  38. Gigantic Faggot says:

    @Shutup Eliza Day

    “good thing these scared little journos write under pseudonyms or else this specific little cow would be getting a beer drowning at the next fun in the sun for sure” – says the guy posting under a pseudonym. Jonas, is that you?

  39. Gigantic Faggot says:

    As far as people getting all upset about the Black Math should have headlined comment, I really think you’re making too much of that, I read it as a light hearted way of saying, “these kids really kick ass and have a ton of potential”

  40. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    @Gigantic Faggot – no its not Jonas, i would tell you who it is but that would just be unsporting now wouldnt it ol gaping arse…

  41. Gigantic Faggot says:

    @Shutup Eliza Day

    How could owning up to who you are and putting a name behind yourself possibly be unsporting?

  42. Poes says:

    Sounds like Jonas.
    Except dumber.

  43. Joseph Kony says:

    There weren’t as many youngsters as there usually are at a CBM show.

    Waste of a night.

  44. Steve says:

    Finally a MUSIC venue!


  45. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    its not a band member you eejits so take a pill and chill the fuck out, i was there watching the bands and although the la els might not be the most energetic onstage they are brilliant musos and in the end musicians write music, not perform acts on a stage you twats… faggot think about your question one more time and realise how thick as pigshit u r! Im off to go surf, fuck you all!!!

  46. Stathi says:

    Do come again

  47. CURT COBAIN says:

    YO WASUP. It’s yo’ boy CURT. Since everyone is crying I thought I’d throw my 2 blown out eyes in.

    Black Math: Listen dudes. Sabbath was cool but The White Stripes made me want to abort my first born so she would never have to be brought up in a world were Jack White was exalted as a rock god. Cut out the effects, drop acid and riff your way down to hell boys.

    La Els: The dudes from Air had more balls than these guys. What’s that? She’s a soulkiller? No my friend, your music is the only thing killing souls.

    City Bowl Mizers: All their songs seem to have something to do with gay sex. Balls deep? No big deal? Heart of Gold? What the fuck? I’m waiting for their next cd to be titled: Lexington Steel and Peter North in TopDeck/CockDeck. There was also a lot of beer being thrown around and drunk, which I found highly insensitive. I can’t drink that shit anymore assholes, no throat/head remember?

    Live: Reminded me of when I was a fucking rockstar killing stages across the world. Big rigs, big lights and tons of drunk women/girls. HMMMMM smells like teenage pussy. Your barstaff are useless though. It was like they were playing a game of ‘Who Is The Bigger Retard?!’.

    So yeah, that’s it people and trolls of DIY. Curt Cobain reviews Warming Up For Splashy Fen. What a stupid name by the way. All I did was waste money I could have spent at Splashy Fen. Truth be told if I really wanted to warm myself at Splashy Fen I’d throw all of you morons in a fire.

    Hail Satan.


  48. Jason Russel says:

    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap!!!!

  49. CBM says:

    Curt Cobain = <3

    made our week!

  50. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    LOL @ CURT!!! Where you been all my life??? You should write the next DIY review!!!

  51. Bi-Provincial Grammar Nazi says:

    Not being from Durban myself, I can’t comment on the writer’s opinions of the show…
    But, really, let’s try do a little more copy-editing next time?
    Also, every City Bowl Mizers show I’ve attended in Joburg and Cape Town over the past couple of years has been rad and well-supported.

  52. the Christian God says:

    all praise Curt.

  53. Jeff Goldblum says:

    Just goes to show that the type of articles to get so much attention and hate are the badly written ones, yet THIS article http://durbanisyours.co.za/2012/03/locals-only/ gets like 3 comments and is written amazingly fucking well and is about something truly awesome.
    The DIY readership is comprised of a bunch of fucking morons.
    This is a bad thread and you should all feel bad.
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Big up Luke. Your writing is solid.

  54. Ryno says:

    Welcome to Durban Eliza Day.
    Unfortunately Durban isn’t where the wild roses grow.
    Some of us do have an above average EQ though.
    Never mind the lowest common denominators.

  55. jems says:

    Eliza clearly has not watched the docci “Punk In Africa” or she’d know the very long history of punk, rock and ska in Durban. Just because you’re new to Durban doesn’t mean everythings starting at the point of your arrival.

    I’m from Cape Town. I saw this on facebook and came to see what the fuss was about. I obviously was not at the gig.

    I have seen CBM play here in CT and they blew me away. So not really sure I can agree with Eliza on that one.

    As for dingy, CT’s biggest live act venues are pretty dark and have old lighting and weird stuff too… its actually part of what makes them rad.

    Maybe Eliza was more sober earlier on and let her drinks interfere with her ability to observe… or maybe she’s just ebcome too reliant on her “mood enhancers and emergency pick-me-ups” to have a good time when its happening around her.

    We don’t even know who Eliza is – s/he could be an 18 year old her/himself having attended one gig in CT and now is a self-proclaimed critic and commentator.

    God knows CT is full of these self-identifying deciders-of-cool, aka Very Important Bloggers. Good luck Durban – you were probably better off without these types.

  56. Stephen says:

    To the cats in Durban. Welcome to Live, the venue!

    My name is Stephen I am a sound engineer for Kingston Sound (the company that funded and put Blood, Sweat, Money and Months into this venue) I just thought I’d give some insight to all of ya’ll

    Kingston Sound, if you don’t know, is a major contributor to the Durban music scene. We’ve been doing the audio at Splashy for the past 16 years and countless other shows that could be named. From indie rock to metal from hip hop to jazz from dub step to maskundi we’ve walked the mile with the muso’s. This venue was built purely with the heart for the Durban music scene in mind. We (Kingston Sound) do what we do because we love music but not only music, but LIVE music!

    With a tight dead line and a tight budget we give you the foundation of Live with the dreams of constantly improving it and making it better

    For those of you that where there, SPREAD THE WORD! For those of you who missed this show, GET YOUR ASSES DOWN TO THE NEXT ONE!

    Ps I hung every light fixture, programmed it all and operated at this gig and I thought it was EPIC so shot for the lousy ” if a little dingy with all that blue light” comment…next time I’ll leave everything on open white so you can, as Shutup Ellza Day says, stand around like cakes! Hahaha good comment lol

    Anyways I personally look forward to many many great bands to play at this soon to be Legendary venue! Look forward to seeing all you cats at the next show

  57. pissingblood says:

    Wow… This one blew up. Don’t agree with Eliza, but shit, she doesn’t deserve the hate. Calm down kids. This one review will not hurt the bands you love in anyway. I say give the girl some room to show off what she can do before you start telling her to fuck off back to the city with a mountain.

  58. simone says:

    Chill out people, getting a shoddy writer was just a publicity stunt by DIY for people to talk and get emotional about! Job well done, I’d say 😉

  59. saynotocapitals says:

    I’d just like to point out that this isn’t the first DIY post where the author has given their personal opinion about a band. Most of the posts feature much of the same from the other DIY bloggers. Slating a band or genre is always going to be contentious. Personally, I believe music is completely subjective so bands should be reviewed in the context of their own history of performances, growth and genre, and not reviewed on how much the author personally enjoyed them. That’s just me though. I think Eliza has taken her lead from the style of previous posts on DIY. You guys do tend to be music Nazis. Just saying.

  60. b-ron says:

    hmmmm dingy???!!! have you been to any other music venues in Durban of late??,… clearly not! Maybe do some more research before you label a new venue “dingy” by standards of their lighting.

  61. N says:

    “Shutup Eliza Day”, are you literally suffering from mental retardation? This isn’t a retard joke – I’m actually concerned that you have an undiagnosed intellectual disability or, more likely, you’re suffering from dissocial personality disorder.

    It’s no laughing matter. You’d better get evaluated, lest your psychopathic ignorance of your own sexism, homophobia and xenophobia get you rightly shanked one day.

  62. N says:

    “Ps I hung every light fixture, programmed it all and operated at this gig and I thought it was EPIC so shot for the lousy ” if a little dingy with all that blue light” comment.”

    How about you take the criticism without being unprofessional, Stephen?

  63. Henry says:

    The magnitude of Durban’s fan-boy base is utterly fucking beautiful.
    Sharp nose rats trolling cyber-sewer to find anyone who has something to say that doesn’t make your friends in the band happy.
    Find them.

    Who is this “Eliza Day” that comes here with an opinion against our famed and beautiful boy bands who we don’t actually know why we like? She must be the worst fucking person in the world!
    Don’t think critically! It’s sacrilege. Lynch the outsider!

    Thank fuck this wasn’t another article written to lick the puckered starfishes of Durban’s elite. All due respect to CBM, they built an era in Durban, but I really can’t see how anyone can contest what she says. I’ve been to more of their gigs than I can count (only coincidentally), and the only thing I can recall is “Me and myself and my ups and downs,” pretty sure thats what’s on loop for an hour? I’m not even going to comment on La Els (though I find it fucking incredible that they were famous before they ever played a gig). However, and I think this is a massive piece of advice that Durban’s cyberpunks should consider next time they run to play kiss-ass on blogs; It’s personal fucking opionon!

    PERSONAL FUCKING OPINION! Don’t take personal opinion personally. That’s awful.

    Really, musicians that aren’t fresh deserve some constructive criticism once in a while. Hell, it should be adored more than being told you’re lovely and I love you because you hi-fived me at the gig while everyone watched. What’s the point of a review then? Self glory. Vomit.

    LIVE is pretty cool, really thought that was the general theme that was given here, but I guess you say one negative word amongst ten positives and you get a negative. Well that’s hipster math anyway.

    Welcome Eliza, submerge yourself in the wonderful culture of shitskapunkpop (and the beauties that live with it).

    They’re down here for your soul

  64. Stephen says:

    Err um “M” where you there by any chance? And unprofessional, are you serious?

  65. Lizard says:

    Woah! this got hectic…

    Personally, I think this is all great though, people are talking about music, and even crazier, people are talking about DURBAN MUSIC! DIY must be loving this – and cool to them for having the balls for posting this article.

    I really don’t see why people give THAT much of a fuck about what Eliza Day says, its not like the Mizers are going to suffer… They’ve ruled Durban music scene for years – Lord know when i was a 15/16yr old going out to gigs these were the dudes to dance your tits off to.

    But thats why i actually liked this article, it stated that the Mizers have a HUGE following, so good for them, but that they’ve been doing it for ages and havent changed the formula, which is fine, but its saying they’re the old, but still loved guard. Dont see why this exploded so much. fuuuck.
    Even the Stones (who are still loved, obviously) are recognised as a hero, BUT old, rock group now. Doesnt stop me from thinking keith is the hottest piece of ass that held a tele, or that Mick is way too skinny and fit for a man his age and puts me to shame. They let the new wave take over. Maybe Stones to Mizers arent on the same relative music scene, but i hope my point is shown.

    I thought Black Math were really insane on the night, but yeah, Eliza Day gave a little snide comment there too (about balls dropping or whatever) but it was a jesting laugh and cool, gives this article some life. S/he pumped them up to be the next candle runner for the Dbn music scene – fucking A! I agree.

    And i do think its weird that the la els had won some competitions, music vids and following etc (or whatever the deal was) before they had even played a LIVE show! that seems a little odd to me, and hopefully without being shot at too, i don’t even think they’re not half fucking good as the Mizers never mind Black Math. Its nothing personal, i just think they’re shit. I also think that Fall Out Boy are super shit and the worst people on earth, but whatever, who cares – i know they certainly don’t.

    I read how the article expressed the venue completely different to how people are speaking… It wasnt a cosy, little, acoustic corner, or black, sticky floored, abyss like some places that come to mind. I read it as she said, “its a big, open venue, its dark, but its boss! and hopes it stays open for a long time to come”. And thats how i saw it – i love it hard, but thats how i saw it – a shell with top sound and people inside who i like. Apart from maybe some on this comment thread. “Shutup Eliza Day”, you are too fucking hectic. Jeez. did you say something like, ‘ah, whatever im just going to go surf!’… Nothing against surfing, but was that even a serious comment? cause it made me laugh hard. Im guessing it was a joke, because it was ridiculous.

    Also, dont know why people are saying ‘go back to cpt’, thats weird. we dont even know this person. But even so, enough people go off to cape town and make shit happen there, im pumped someone has come the other direction and doing something here. And im not in total disagreement in what she said either. I think people have taken this like whack jobs.

    Cool vibes to the mizers who are saying they appreciate the review – shows they’re mature. And I thank what they do because they make new bands have opportunity to play and have ears to play to. But I’d personally love to see a headliner that doesnt read “City Bowl Mizers with: Black Math/Whatever”. I’d like to see something new in Durban’s music and i think some bands have it – we’re just riding the same ride for years. not mixing it up.

    Anyway, I had an awesome time at the gig. And i think the review is chilled.

  66. Stephen says:

    My post wasn’t about criticism. If that’s all you could comment on about my post then that’s seriously sad!

  67. Bid Daddy says:

    @shutup Eliza Day
    Are you ever the biggest groupie?
    Do you stay up every night watching CBM music videos with your hand wrapped so tight around your dick its about to fall off?
    Do you jump up and down screaming “marty, Oh Marty take my virginity!” at every gig?
    Are you that guy who sweats so hard we can all see your nipple fro through your white shirt?
    Are you also that guy who keeps trying to buy the little girls drinks in a pick up attempt?
    Is your surf board in the shape of naked martin?
    do you ride it often?
    are you riding it right now?
    How would you describe the ride you’re having at this very second?

    ok, Have you ever read a music review?
    Do you understand what a “baised review” even is?
    would you like me to review your writing over the past 70 comments?
    or would you prefer me to review how well you ride your CBMs surf board?
    Why are you so gender/sex biased?
    Is it because you’re a nazi?

    you disgust us all..
    I believe i may speak for us all here at DIY, in that You, @shutup Eliza Day, are in fact a NAZI! and should therefore be stabbed with a silver cross, just in case.

    @stephen, If your work sucks, commit suicide. Its not gonna get any better.
    But on a more constructive note. Dude you gotta take criticism better than that. Honestly, the place is rad, from what she said, she digged it. And lets be honest here, dark blue lights everywhere does seem a little dingy-porno
    You are soooo unprofessional its like looking at poop.

    BACK TO @shutup Eliza Day 😀
    common. CBMs arent that great.. Yes they are the acclaimed durban “legends”, just like ogres are a legend to fairytales, but that doesnt mean they should define durban. It just means they suck and we dont have anything better. (sorry CBMs. cant win them all. At least you got this guy)..

    As for everyone else, CBMs isn’t durban culture. Nor is punk, ska, and heavy-hard-death-core-matal-scream or baby-rock.

  68. VLOEK HER says:

    Ja sister you must know the durban os will vloek you thick!

  69. Tits Out! says:

    WTF is wrong with all you nipple-twisting tossers who are too busy whacking one out over your keyboards to even register what she’s saying in the article. to be honest, im surprised you’re retarded comments can even be heard through the gargles of your CBM jizz filled throats!

    She’s saying they’re shit. And thus, makes your taste in music super shit, which to me, may as well make you as worthless as shit.

    Good god, someone arrives with a comment that doesn’t grip the cock of the Durban’s self proclaimed heroes of music, for playing gay-finger-bang-let-me-sweat-over-the-15year-old-girls “rock ‘n roll”

    The guy who put up the lights… good for you. you put up lights. big wank. I’ll move myself from upstairs to downstairs later and ill be sure to notify everyone over a forum of how fucking impressive i am for doing that and request everyone observe and comment on how awesome i am for having doing something.

    You know, i don’t even dislike the mizers, i hate you stupid fans. This is the first article ive actually read that wasnt written by what seemed like the bands best bum-chum.

    It rocked ELIZA!

  70. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    you know what guys, i dont know what im talking about.
    i just really want some of that CBMs sweat on my face.

  71. ShutupEliza says:

    Hey Stephen,

    I like the way you think.

    I like blue too.

    These ignorant fools don’t know anything. Not like us Stephen. We’re the blue boys.

  72. Shutup Eliza says:

    I’m the biggest fanboy for Durban boy bands!
    Although, my favourite from boy from any band has definitely gotta be, Howie from backstreet boys. He’s so true to who he is and has a beautiful sole… And penis.
    Have you ever heard of the expression, “I’m so bum numb right now”?
    Cause yes… I am!

  73. Shutup Eliza Day says:

    I dont know why you hate the venue so much Eliza, i mean, whats better than a dark dirty hole?
    i love nothing more than getting all hot and sweaty to my main man marty while all his blood has rushed to his head from shouting so damn loud. Pure pleasure i tell you!

  74. Stephen says:

    Wow…ok this thread has become instantly pathetic…think of what you may about the bands say what you want about me you pompous pessimist, but for crying in a bucket breathe life you fools! The venue is awesome that is all I tried to say…

  75. Dusty Rich says:

    I would just like to say that their will be a really rad STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW happening at “The Collective” on the 3rd of April.
    Nothing to do with the review but this thread does look like a good advertising platform.
    DIY can even do a review, negative or positive just please maybe bring an audience or something, i know we don’t have guitars and drums, blue lights and stuff but we have a mic surely that’s worth a review our industries so small definitely wont be any controversy.
    Thanks, carry on…

  76. AIDS (the virus) says:

    … ya got me!

    Eliza. AND all the whining little bitches.

    It’s a bad review. Deal with it.

    Stay (HIV) posi.

  77. allytangclan says:

    Bob must have the biggest boner right now.

  78. allytangclan says:

    “We want to give you entertaining and thoughtful content about our city. We want to introduce you to some of the people in it; people that are trying to make it better in many different ways, people that are creating honest and heartfelt art in all fields, and people that motivate us and impact our lives in this city” … DIY

    Or we’ll get a new girl from Cape Town to come in, drop trou, and slash on the kiffest thing – raddest venue – Durban has managed to cough up and spit out of it’s weathered self.

    With all due respect to Eliza: this review was poor. The venue was the point of interest. But you didn’t know better… That’s not your bad.

    But it’s tragic, ‘cos it was an important night for Durban music. And this is what we have to remember it by: a clueless girl’s opinion and a bunch of crying comment-board bitches.

    Poor move, Bob. The faithful are losing hope in Durban.

  79. ThatRacistVolcano says:

    grumble grrrumble grrrrrrrumble
    I have nothing of value to add to this thread.
    Bob, wipe that smile off your face and the semen off your keyboard.

  80. The Lappies says:

    Sheesh ous, are we still on about this??? All facts laid bare, journos are entitled to their own opinions as is everybody else but she never researched anything at all, I mean where does it say anything about the opening night of Live – Durbans newest venue, took 16 months to get to where it is cos of the council not giving the correct permissions in the correct timeframe, where does it say good job on putting something like this together and trying to revive the live music scene? Ungaaz, no research but rather a whole paragraph on the hollywood speech, sweaty romantic streets and what not!!!

    My vibe is if you got nothing nice to say then rather just shut up and look stupid instead of opening your mouth and proving it! Live is the best thing we have seen yet in Durban as far as live music venues are concerned so for 16 months hard work to be commented upon as “dingy”, well I never. So live music venues must be floodlit now cos they too dark inside? And Black Math should be headlining?

    Anyway I hope Eliza can take a few pointers from these comments and tighten up her act as I would like to read a well researched article by her as I think she definitely has promise as a journo, just less opinions and more facts are needed. K thats my 5c worth, off to run the “Throwdown” today at the venue from 11h00 til 03h00, only a 16 hr day, woo hoo…

    Keep it real people!!!

  81. Starthee says:

    I sense cats, lots of cats.

  82. Michael Celliers says:

    Chill people

  83. Bob says:

    I’m not smiling one bit, this comments thread is ridiculous. We’re mates with the bands so we got someone that wasn’t to review the show. We’re not going to not post it just because she said some negative things about our mates and used one “negative” word about the venue. Not everything needs to be a circle jerk.

    It’s one person’s opinion on one show.

  84. The Lappies says:


    Shot for the calm words bro, I think a lot of people need to hear them. Please if possible get your reporters to do some more research before they write their articles as there was a lot more to mention about the venue than she ultimately did, I mean its only the best thing Durban has seen yet and took 16 months to open so more facts and less opinion would be appreciated, thanks bud…

  85. Bob says:

    We’re a blog bro, so ultimately it’s all opinion. None of us are reporters or journalists, just people that dig art, music and can kind of write about it. I know you would have prefered if the venue got a better write up, but we let our contributors say what they like without too much interference. I personally think Live is awesome and can’t wait to go bacK.

  86. Ozzie says:

    Mizers can now officially say they’re controversial 🙂 Will sound rad in the new bio!

    I love Durban
    I love Durban bands
    I love that our bands can sometimes be on a par musically with the aural Gods of Cape Town, yet still be down with a quart and a bunny or garage pies after a show.

    Let me tell you a fact, LIVE is one of the most pimping venues I’ve ever seen in South Africa, and yes I’ve seen a few. They have three things in place that many other venues have never considered, namely:

    • Easy access to the stage for loading in.
    • A bevvy of amps ready to use – just pull in with your pedals and a cable.
    • Fuggers who go to gigs just to sit outside and smoke and be seen can still/are forced to watch the bands from outside.

    The last one is pure genius. I don’t know anyone at LIVE, I don’t work for them, but the entire staff deserves a lap dance and a round of Label draught. It felt like the Gasxworx from Waynes World man, I was just cruising around saying, “Whoah, these guys really wail!” to anyone who’d listen.

  87. Russell says:

    I guess Live is ruined now that we published such a poor review.

  88. The Lappies says:

    @Russ, Ha Ha Ha Ha, you crack me up bro, you know what they say, opinions are like arseholes, everybodys got one and everyone thinks theirs doesnt stink! I reckon its gonna take more than a weakly researched, fact less, opinionated article to keep people away from the absolute powerhouse of live music that is LIVE – The Venue.

    Ive been in the industry for 15 years and havent seen anything that can come close to it, the effort put in by the Kingsland family is gigantic, they have gone to town on the place and I cant wait to see the best bands in the country perform there…

    Until then, adios amogos, see you all on the dancefloor…

  89. Stathi says:

    sarcasm (pronounced sar-casm):

    The bastard stepchild of irony.
    Mom: How was school today, son?
    Son: It was fuckin’ great, mom.



  91. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    Russell, I like you photographs…and sex.

  92. Russell says:

    That was my point, Lappies. Thanks for making it for me for all those people who don’t understand sarcasm. To me it just seemed that a lot of people were treating this review like the word of God, and that the overall success of the night stood or fell with it.

  93. Gigantic Faggot says:

    I nominate the reaction of some people in this thread for the next fluffy white bunnies.

  94. Praise Kingston says:

    Last night I had the sweetest orgy with all the Kingston guys and when they came on my face it was perfectly lit and the sound was amazing!

  95. Pascal says:

    I’m glad someone mentioned FingerBang.

    And if you comment just to insult the writer, use your real name, don’t be a coward.


  96. Ry says:

    “luke says:
    March 23, 2012 at 4:03 pm
    what a horrible rollins joke. you should be shot.”

    I give up. Nothing Bob could say on stage will ever be that funny.

    and Good Guy Greg/Marty: lurk moar

  97. Rhyan Rockingrolling Rudman says:

    WTF happened some peeps are bleak…… I feel sorry for the next rookie band that gets a proper critt from Eliza(I can just picture it… the band hears she is at the event. OHMY they are going to be sweating before they even warm up). I wanna read it and they will give up trying to be popular with no talent. Good for her she don’t hold back she don’t do this to be popular she does it cause she has guts well done ELIZA you have a fan and to be famous you need hatters guess what you have just become famous. Look forward to your next review. To those that are bleak come on take the chip off your shoulder dip it in a good juicy cup of reality and grow the fuck up we need to be slated we need to be shown our flaws even if they are small it takes an outsider to shake DURBAN around and its about time this crap of just saying ay good show is over if the band sucks tell them don’t let them waste anymore peoples time until they are ready to perform live.

  98. Grammar Nazi says:

    @Rhyan Rockingrolling Rudman

    I can’t take your opinion seriously man, i stopped reading your comment because of the absence of a few simple commas and full stops here and there.
    Are you harboring commas in an attic somewhere?
    It’s a shame, i really wanted to agree with your opinion, but i just couldn’t read it.

    Allow me to help future generations understand your ramblings.

    “What the fuck happened? Some people are very bleak…
    I feel sorry for the next rookie band that gets a proper criticism from Eliza (I can just picture it… the band hears she is at the event. “OHMY!”, they will say. They are going to be sweating before they even warm up). I wanna read that review. They will have to give up their thinly veiled attempt at “popularity in an effort to circumvent having real talent” facade.
    Good for her, she doesn’t hold back, she doesn’t do this to be popular; she does it cause she has guts to. Well done Eliza you have a fan in me. In my humble opinion, to be famous one requires haters. Guess what? You have just become famous.
    I’m looking forward to reading your next review.
    To those that are bleak: come on, take the chip off your shoulder, dip it in a good juicy cup of reality and grow the fuck up! We need to be slated, we need to be shown our flaws – even if they are small. It takes an outsider to shake Durban around, its about time this crap of just saying “Ay good show!”, is over. If the band sucks then tell them, don’t allow them to waste anymore people’s time until they are good and ready to perform live.”

    You’re welcome.
    Proper communication is key to getting one’s point across.
    Read a book or ten.

    Grammar Nazi out!

  99. Rhyan Rockingrolling Rudman says:

    All good Grammar Nazi…Thanks for editing …I hate commas

  100. xdoomx says:

    Great review and pretty much summed up my feelings on the night as well.

    The lights were crap. Every 7 minutes (if I said 5 I’d be exaggerating) the dance floor lights would come on during the bands sets. Mates and I had a chuckle everytime. Does the lighting guy NOT know where the switch is for the lights that come on and light up the entire room?? When a band plays dont touch that button. I know ideally each band should have their own lighting engineer that knows their songs but what I saw was what appeared to be random sound to light action.. it was probably just the engineer trying to keep up. This all sounds super negi, but its not that bad.

    Sound. Sucked. It lacked bass, it lacked power, it lacked volume. It was incredibly underwhelming. Mix was bad as well. CBM has 3 guitars. I could hear one. Allys bass is a key component of the band, it was non-existent. We actually thought we should go up and ask him to check if he was plugged in. Again, I understand the intricacies involved in mixing, its not easy. What is easy however is running through each of the members on stage and doing a quick check to see if you can hear them and which of their instruments correspond to which channel on your desk.
    Again, ideally each band should have their own sound engineer.

    To end off.. As I said to Lappies. Its the best venue Ive been IN in the world and this includes House of Blues in New Orleans where I saw All American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack and Sum41.
    I see the potential in the venue. All the kak Ive said above will be ironed out, Ive been there and done that. I know they need some kind of license to allow the sound levels they want to be generating, that hasnt come through yet. So until then we wait.

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