The Risen Cake

Matt Knight does a sweet little write up about a sweet little show. Cake or Death featuring Sven The Bear.


As the old adage goes, you can’t keep a good cake down.

Out of the flour, eggs and ashes of Unit 11’s Cake or Death has risen a glorious and leavened new weekly event at Florida Road’s The Collective, a sweet little venue with two of the coolest balconies in the entire City.

The Walking Cake kicked off with Matt Vend and The Tender Ten and last week saw me managing my first visit to the new venue, to see my good friend Sven The Bear play his songs.

Reviewing Sven, for me at least, is a bit like a man telling everyone why his wife is the prettiest. You’ll all just get tired of the endless adjectives and uploaded Facebook pics, and end up hiding me from your Timeline. So I will spare you the detail.

Save it to say that the set was magic, pure magic. Both intimate and also beautiful. For me Sven adds all the best bits of E from Eeels and Conor from the Bright and Starry eyed Wide Awake period, into his own take on life and love and cynicism and hope. I especially loved the tender ending to the show, with Mary-Anne backing up for the stirring song Showstopper.

As for the greater prospect of Cake or Back From The Death happening every week at the new venue, I for one am very very excited.


– Step 1: Take one sick venue, balconies and all, and add R20 entrance fee to drag up the general quality of the audience attending.
– Step 2: Slowly pour in incredibly reasonably priced drinks (beers are R10) and even your more Durbanish Durban folks will feel less hard done by the new costs included in step 1.

– Step 3: Record the show every week with top quality equipment (thanks Ty and Alistair for this idea) and put up recordings of each week, creating excitement about Durban’s acoustic and folk scenes, and giving the bands great exposure along the way.

– Step 4: Allow to sit and lather for a few minutes

– Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Okay so the end there may have got a little more hairy than I’d aimed at, but you get the overall excitement I’m sure. So let’s all get behind this marvellous little Midweek venture, and turn up to support our truly talented local acts.

Cake Of The Dead 2: It’s what’s for dinner. (unless you have the Mama’s half price Wednesday Pizza Special)


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