Two Door Cinema Club in SA

If you’ve just woken up, this may be the first you’re hearing of Two Door Cinema Club making the trip to the tip of Africa, but the internet has been abuzz all morning since Bangers And Nash broke the news that 5 Gum would be bringing an act that’s actually current and relevant to our shores. Matt Knight got so excited that, after drying his pee soaked pants, he wrote this about the news.


Hype. It’s bloody painful. Whereas once our parents rebelled by queuing on dirty street corners to buy Beatles LP’s to shove in the face of their parents, teachers and The Man; today’s internet speed angst means we have some rebels queuing, the neo rebels scoffing at the queuers, the anti neo anti rebels reminiscing about when they first started the queue, and the pseudo rebels standing in the queue promising they don’t watch rugby.


It’s all very confusing, and knowing just what is actually ok and cool to like these days is so damn tough, it’s a career just trying to keep up. It would seem then, it is almost as though everyone should just think for a minute about what makes them happy and interested, and listen/watch/wear/talk about that.


After all, sometimes things are popular for a good reason. It’s why the bacon sandwich section is always empty first, while egg mayo and cheesy tomato last well into the day. It’s why 30 Rock gets a ton of viewers  as well as much deserved critical acclaim.


And it’s why you should be doing everything you can to get your hands on Two Door Cinema Club tickets for the upcoming shows in JHB and CT. Yes, they’re not coming to Durban, of course that’s upsetting, but when we’d rather be Rick Rolled live than support international acts from the last, say, ten years, can you blame them?



Sure they are indie kid old news by now, sure everyone knows them, even those damn Kings of on Fire jocks, sure you heard them first, before anyone, before the band even started playing.


But they are fun as all heck. They are musically great, they made one of the best albums of 2010, and most importantly, they are being brought out to our sunny shores.


5Gum are getting creative with their marketing of the event, so creative in fact, that there will be no tickets on sale. They’ll all be given away over the coming weeks via TwitterFacebook and probably some social media outlet that doesn’t exist yet. Check out the promo video for the event. Hype.



It’s hard to find a track that isn’t great on Tourist History. It’s hard to not find your feet tapping to those little instrumental explosions at the end of most of the songs, it’s hard to pretend I am not excited like a 13 year old girl at her first high school slumber party, I love bacon sandwiches, and Jackie D, and I am not ashamed to admit it.


27 Responses to “Two Door Cinema Club in SA”
  1. Matt S says:

    They are my favourite band. I’m not even saying that to feel self-important or to stand out amongst the ardent crowd of Two Door lovers who will no doubt be losing their minds over what is now happening. They really are my favourite band. I tweeted them once, they replied, I lost my mind (the nature of the tweet shall ne’er be discussed). I always wished they would come to SA and now they are… when I’m moving to Korea. Regardless, you should all go watch their show while I’ll listen to them in my apartment in Daegu. On vinyl. Have I mentioned that they are my favourite band in the world?

  2. Amy says:

    So ampt!

  3. Just a poes says:

    Glad someone said it. I bet there are a few people around who haven’t heard their music, like me, and hate them anyway. We need a group hug and to resolve all our issues some time. Metalheads, punks, hardcore fans, indie fans will hate them for either not being what they listen to or because they heard them first and now that the whole world likes them they’re shit or their old stuff was better. Hating is too cool, everyone is doing it now so change that habit as well

  4. Dayle says:

    no doubt one of the coolest party bands out right now. I have not been this excited about a touring band in a fucking long time.THANK YOU 5GUM, even though tickets are not for sale

  5. N says:

    I’m just disappointed in the marketing of the gigs and how the event is all tied up in what is, frankly, a crap brand. In fact, I think is so utterly awful it caused me to utter a vaguely homophobic pejorative this morning on Facebook and now everyone thinks I’m a bigot.

    Thanks 5Gum. You’ve made me a bigot and now I’ll never, ever buy your gum. I hate social media.

  6. Bob says:

    Why are they a crap brand? I think the marketing is great. It’s essentially a free show on their dime and the people that want to go will do the marketing for them. I’ve got absolutely no problems with that.

  7. Matt_Theknight says:

    dude sounds like a bigot.

  8. N says:

    Let me rephrase that: I don’t like their product through experience – expensive Wrigley’s gum? – and I think the “exclusivity” of it is silly. I’d rather pay to go watch a band than have to engage with a brand on social media for a chance at getting a ticket. I know most other people really like the idea and will get into it, and it is an innovative campaign and will likely work out really well for Wrigley’s, but it just doesn’t work for me. That’s all.

  9. Robyn says:


  10. Gigantic Faggot says:

    The bigot has a point. The idea of having to jump through whatever metaphorical hoops 5Gum sets up for me in order to attend leaves me with a slightly sour taste in my mouth, excuse the pun. It would be better if you could buy tickets and those willing to suck their massive corporate cock for free tickets could do that too.

  11. Bob says:

    Joburg 2nd of March, Cape Town 3rd of March.

  12. matt_theknight says:

    Better for who? Better for you but not for the brand, who is doing a pretty rad thing when the alternative is a billboard with a half pretty girl eating gum and a cheesy byline. (Gumbelievable taste, gumtastic fun. Come on)
    And from what I can tell – last year they had a cool vibe of getting guys to design building projections laser things, and those where the people who got in (I stand to be corrected here)

    I don’t think they’re doing the exclusive thing so much as they’re doing an inclusive marketing strategy. You can either shrug your shoulders and get involved, or if you really have a principles issue then save up and go watch them in london.

    I for one am stoked at any band this good being brought out here, so big ups to 5Gum for being creative

  13. N says:

    They use the word “exclusive” right in their copy, Matt. It’s explicitly becoming a status event, something to be sought after and hyped instead of being something more available. No doubt it’ll be a good show, but just because something is innovative doesn’t mean everyone will like the idea of it.

    You can’t pretend that this is the only way that TDCC would come through to South Africa either. I’m just a bit bummed that a band this good is coming here and I can’t reserve my ticket by simply giving someone some money for it, like I’m prepared to do. (I was prepared to do it for bands like Johnny Foreigner and the Tallest Man on Earth, for example.) I don’t want to prove I’m the biggest fan, or say I love a particular brand of bubblegum so much that they’ll give me a ticket – don’t you understand why someone would feel that way? Maybe I don’t have time or the propensity to jump through hoops for Wrigley’s Gum, and keep track of things on Twitter and Facebook all the time. I think it’s pretty reasonable to feel that way.

  14. Nich Hustler says:

    I agree. This morning I thought, finally a band that I would travel to CPT for. And then there were hoops. And my first thought was I just don’t have the time for this…

  15. Tayla says:

    Bummer that it’s such late notice… Flights and stuff are going to be pricey, I think

  16. Bob says:

    R900 return on Velvet Sky if you leave for Cape Town on the Thursday and return on the Tuesday, plus Checkers ticket desk is always cheaper. We MAY be able to give some tickets away, plus I’m sure thousands of tickets will be given away next week online. It’ll be pricey either way but I’m pretty certain it’ll be worth it.

  17. Matt_Theknight says:

    You’re perfectly reasonable to feel however you want man, that’s cool.

    I just think it’s a bit silly to guarantee you won’t see a great band instead of taking a chance to maybe get a ticket.

    It would be different if it was a standard production company or whatever bringing them out, but it’s not, because let’s be honest – SA doesn’t get a lot of these bands for whatever reason.
    instead it’s a brand who have put the effort in, and decided to try something different, and are putting on a show and giving away what, thousands of tickets? and asking for some PR in return.

    I would also prefer being able to buy tickets to be honest, but it’s not an option and it’s not going to be.
    So is it really so bad to try get tickets this way instead?
    and, they haven’t actually said what we need to do yet. sure if they ask people to scale K2 naked consuming only peach flavoured gum then stuff them, but no one actually knows how it works yet, so all i’m saying is maybe don’t write it off completely.

  18. Matt_Theknight says:

    also i won’t settle till we have more comments than the gunslinger giveaway.

  19. Gigantic Faggot says:

    Yes, that would be a better situation for me, one of the people they’re supposedly trying to ingratiate themselves with. Personally I don’t appreciate being asked to become actively involved in their marketing campaign in order to see a band I like, at this point we’re not being pitched to by a company but rather being asked to pitch to others on behalf of them to suspend principles for a day and spam our friends to get something. It’s clever, yes – because most people give up their integrity for free shit, but I personally can’t stand this intrusive sort of advertising – it makes the world a worse place. The last thing it makes me want to do is go out and buy their stupid gum. Actually fuck it, this whole scenario is just hypothetical anyway, I don’t buy gum and I think this band is average.

  20. Gigantic Faggot says:


  21. Matt_Theknight says:

    well technically at this point we haven’t been asked to do anything.

    but i get what you’re saying, especially if you really genuinely feel this makes the world a worse place and will compromise your integrity.

  22. ANADA BOYCHIE says:

    I would scale K2 naked rather than spam my friends for a free ticket. It’s clever but they could have let people buy tickets if they’re die hard fans and then the ones who want free shit to spam around. Alternatively maybe you could get a friend to spam and win a ticket and then pay him for the ticket? Your friend will be made a prostitute in the process but get clever and outsource

  23. luke says:

    5gum: Turning friends into spamatutes since 2012.

  24. Bob says:

    Cause their last event saw so much spam? I think it’s a bit premature to diss the campaign/event before it’s even started. See what they come up with next week, and then throw the hissy fit about not being able to pay to see a band you don’t care about anyways.

  25. Gigantic Faggot says:

    Beat the capitalists at their own game!

    P.S. Bob is obviously on the payroll. Sell out.

  26. matt_theknight says:

    This is great guys, 144 more comments and we’re a shoe in

  27. Bob says:

    Getting paid the big money so you fuckers better buy all the 5 Gum you can afford and tweet for days.

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