The City Is Mine Video

If there is one thing that Lee’s The City Is Mine campaign has shown, it’s that Durbanites really do own their city. When asked to film the party, Ally Heath took it far beyond the brief and created this masterpiece. Seriously, this is impressive.



Alistair Heath: Director. Cinematography. Post-production.

Martin Barrios: Secondary Camera. Post-production.

Gav Letsoalo: VFX Editor.

Akhona: Production Assistant.

Actors: Brad Backhouse, Gav Letsoalo and Bob Perfect.

Soundtrack: Fire by The La Els

A huge thanks must go out to Street Scene Tours for organising the party and hooking this video up. Shot guys.


8 Responses to “The City Is Mine Video”
  1. Pinky Drew says:

    Freaking ace guys. Love the intro.

  2. snort says:

    How much coke did u put in those jeans?

  3. ally says:

    it’s as if the jeans were MADE of blow.

  4. ally says:

    just kidding. he was high on life and christ and other psychoactives of the sort.

  5. luke says:

    holy fucking dudes. this is great.

  6. Amy says:

    Love this! Nice one guys

  7. @Ewokessay says:

    Goddam. godDAM! This. is. EFFing. slick cats. Shot for the cameo, makes me stoked to get to be part of it. Seriously, hot stuff.

  8. Reich werden says:

    Martin Barrios: Secondary Camera

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