Gareth Bargate

Gareth Bargate should be a familiar name to most of you, he provides a ton of photos for this site and is always at the front of shows. He’s one of Durban’s most diverse photographers and that’s why Stathi Kougianos picked him for today’s artist interview.


DIY: What sets you apart from other Durban photographers? Show photography has it’s limitations so what are you trying to do in order to give it your own spin?

Gareth: When I first purchased a DSLR at the end of 2010, I thought it would be a great but very expensive idea to buy a fish eye lens with it, since I’d used a few before and thought it to be something unique. That’s probably my only interesting draw card, as fish eye lens usage seems to be quite thin. But I personally like the wide view that it gives, as it allows me to shove my camera in peoples faces and still see a large portion of the scene. I also try and take photos at as many shows as possible, regardless of the genre. The more the merrier.



DIY: Do you have any weird outside sources that influence your photography?

Gareth: I’m a fan of taking long exposures, so I’m always on the lookout for any unique or unusual light sources that move or I can somehow attach to a moving object in order to create an interesting photo. Otherwise, I just like looking at what other people are doing in their work, since Durban does have some great photographers to look at for influence. A few names spring to mind in this regard; Kierran Allen does some mad HDR stuff and Kevin Goss Ross is certainly the guy to look at for live music photography.



DIY: What’s the draw card with doing HDR photography?

Gareth: HDR photography was something that I stumbled across on the internet about a year ago and thought that it looked cool to try, since I hadn’t seen it much elsewhere. Once I’d figured out the auto bracketing on my camera (thanks Google), there wasn’t much of a learning curve and I found myself experimenting with it quite a bit. Not so much anymore though.



DIY: Done any corporate work of late? What are your thoughts on the subject? Is it an avenue you plan on pursuing?

Gareth: I’ve done the odd bit here and there and I don’t really mind it too much to be honest, since it hardly ever comes my way. But when it does, it gets me a bit of extra money in on the side, which is always nice. It’s not something I see myself pursuing full time, but plans can always change I guess.



DIY: Is there something you always ask yourself/think about just before you push the button? What moment are you looking for?

Gareth: Normally, I honestly just think “I really hope this works”.
DIY: What conversations do you want people to have when seeing your work?

Gareth: Just someone having a conversation about my work would be cool. Whether they think its shit or not doesn’t really concern me, since I’d just be stoked that someone took notice of it in some way. All suggestions are encouraged.



DIY: How was the reaction to your recent exhibition? Did you manage to sell any pieces or was it more a case of just smiles, handshakes and “well done’s”.

Gareth: I think the reaction was decent, considering I lack quite a bit in the planning department. The turnout was more than I expected at least. However, nothing was sold, so most of the prints are still in a big pile somewhere at home. That said, I am taking part in another exhibition at The Collective later on this month, so it would be cool if people came to check that one out also.



DIY: When you walk around with a camera, do you ever see a change in how people present themselves when they know they could be immortalized in a photo at any given moment?

Gareth: All the time. As soon as you point a camera in someones direction and they notice, theres a large chance they’ll quickly try and fix their hair, or hide their cigarette. In addition to pulling the metal horns for the camera.


DIY: Do you feel like your relationship to photography has changed over the years?

Gareth: It has indeed. With the more time I spent taking photos, and the more money I invested into camera equipment, change was inevitable. I still don’t think of it as my first and foremost occupation by a long way, but I do view it as something more than a fun way to pass the time.



DIY: If you only had one SD card left how would you use it?

Gareth: I would program it in a way so that it Rickrolls anyone who uses it in the future. What a way to be remembered.


DIY: You have been documenting the Durban gig life for quite some time now,
where to now?

Gareth: I don’t plan on jumping ship to another city anytime soon, so I’ll still be occupying a position in front of the stage at shows for some time to come, and blocking the view for everyone behind me.



DIY: Beyond your photography, what are your other plans for 2012?

Gareth: I recently just managed to throw an Honours in Brand Leadership on top of my regular BA degree, so I’m on the lookout for any type of permanent employment that is somehow related to what I spent a large portion of my time studying. Otherwise, I plan to turn 22 in February, and reach the end of 2012 with as little amount of debt as possible. But perhaps the Mayans will make all my efforts be in vain.



You can find more of Gareth’s work on his blog Photogarethy

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  1. luke says:

    hail the mayans.

  2. Jarod Mason says:

    Aweh my man Bargate!!
    About time this outie got some recognition:)

  3. \m/ says:

    “…quickly try and fix their hair, or hide their cigarette. In addition to pulling the metal horns for the camera.”

    Best thing i’ve read this year.

  4. Asclepius says:

    That black & white photo of all the people?
    Worth a fuckin squirt

  5. rebecca jane says:

    Gareth is brilliant!

  6. Nick says:

    \m/ BARGATE \m/

  7. Harry Goldfarb says:

    I agree with Rebecca Jane.
    Nice work dude

  8. Gareth is the best, I love his hair!

    Ladies, he takes sexual favours as payment, and if I were you I would DEFINITELY consider picking up a couple of prints from him. If you know what I mean 😉

  9. Pete says:

    You’re the man Gareth!

  10. Smurfette says:

    I totally agree with Bill. I’ve known Gareth for a while and his hair is the most epic thing! Also another reason he loves using a fisheye is some things are just too big to fit into a normal lenses frame 😛 If you know what I mean Ladies 😀

  11. Gareth says:

    No idea whatsoever as to who you two are.

  12. Ozzie says:

    Freer! Glenwood represent!!! Awesome photography as always bro

  13. luke says:

    the mayans gareth. the mayans.

  14. Travis says:

    Ow Bargate! Nice work dude!

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