We Won A Blog Award.

Those of you that follow us on Facebook and Twitter will already know that on Saturday, D.I.Y got awarded with an SA Blog Award for Best Music Blog. We figure we should probably say something about it. Here’s a few words from the editor, Bob Perfect.



So we did it, after only four months of being up, we won a Blog Award, which either says a lot for us or very little for the music blogs in South Africa. People that know me know that I don’t take compliments or awards well, I’ll gladly take the piss out of anyone that dishes them out and myself when I get them. That being said, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty stoked that we won. Yeah, it’s just a blog award, but it’s nice that the work that we’re doing is being recognised and appreciated. And hey, at least it didn’t go to East Coast Radio.


I’d like to just take this time to give a whole lot of thanks, if you’ll bear with me, to the people that made this award, and more importantly, this site possible.


Firstly, thanks to you, our audience. Your constant and vocal support, keeps us going. It really does, and gives us drive to constantly improve and to create content that we think you’ll dig. It’s shameless pandering, but it’s also true. We know why we’re doing this, and having your support makes it worthwhile.


I’d like to thank the Brain Trust: Russell Grant, Stathi Kougianos, Luke Smith and even Martin Barrios, even if he hasn’t contributed, yet. They’re my best friends and they’re the back bone of this site, without their constant council and contributions, this site would be nothing. A huge thanks needs to go to Sheldon Lotter, the man created the website you’re viewing now; without him, I know this site would never look this good.


Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed. Not sure if people know this, but nobody gets paid for the work they do for this site, we’re looking to change that, and the award will hopefully help us do so. So thank you Matt Stroud, Gareth Bargate, Erin Wulfsohn, Grant Payne, Russel Smith, Ryan Van Rooyen, Matt Knight, Nich Hustler and Curt Cobain. You’ve all helped us out so much and never asked for a cent. I know there have been more contributors, and I don’t mean to trivialise your work at all, but this is already too long. Just know that I and the whole team, really do appreciate it.


Thank you to everyone that let us interview them, I know some of you didn’t feel “worthy” but you’re all helping make this city better and we just want to let people know that. Thank you to the bands that we’ve reviewed for mostly taking it well, we know it sucks to get negative criticism, but one thing I’ve been told a lot and believe in fully is: Don’t let the good reviews go to your head, and the bad ones go to your heart.


And lastly, thanks so much Unit 11 and and Uber Cool events. We may not always say nice things about you, but you’ve always welcomed us back to your events with open arms and you’ve made this year a lot of fun for a lot of people. I wish the crew at Unit 11 the best with their future endeavours, and don’t worry Durban, there’ll still be a live music scene, we’ll make sure of it.


So that’s it, I know it’s a bit long, and I’ve still left people out, but I just feel that it needs to be said. I’m fully aware that without all these people, we’d be nothing.


So thank you Durban, can’t wait to get home. Will see you guys out on the town this weekend.


Feel free to take this piss in the comments section, I would.

12 Responses to “We Won A Blog Award.”
  1. Curt Cobain says:

    Trademark DIY cynicism.

  2. Roger Young says:

    I still think you’re a dick, Bob.

  3. Woogy says:

    Bob, I went out of my way and put the effort it to like a FB status of yours once about the DIY sit and have thought about posting comments on here on numerous occasions…….yet not one word of thanks to me….the fuck bro?!

  4. eatme says:

    I still prefer xvideos.com

  5. matt_theknight says:

    I thought this was the East Coast radio blog.

  6. Gigantic Faggot says:

    Come to think of it your colour scheme is exactly the same as ECR. What’s up with that?

  7. luke says:

    subliminal shit GF, subliminal shit.

  8. This shits not legit

  9. Tyron says:

    Congratulations! A well deserved win. Bunnies are on me.

  10. Mom says:

    You self-depreciating bastards. Is the South African bloggersphere this retardedly small? Na, I kid kudos dudes.

  11. cameron says:

    That is one ugly award dude. You have my condolences.

  12. Amy says:

    Congrats =)

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