Lavanya Naidoo

Being a Jack of all trades is often considered a bad thing, but Lavanya Naidoo’s work shows that it’s possible to create great work in many different styles. Stathi Kougianos chats to the multi-talented designer about her unique projects.

DIY: How would you describe your work?

Lavanya: In one word, experimental. I like playing around with EVERYTHING and I have a constant need to teach myself about something I wouldn’t otherwise know about.


DIY: You are regarded as a jack of all trades, what aspect of the design world gets you dak amped?

Lavanya: Haha, well, mostly things I can touch, that’s a big thing. I love textures, so anything from white foiling on white paper to things like origami chandeliers.


DIY: Which do you prefer and why: vector or rasta?

Lavanya: Vector, not personally for me, but I love seeing what people can do with the pen tool and a few flat shapes.


DIY: Paper or wacom?

Lavanya: I can’t live without either! I get that warm feeling inside when the paper distributers bring around new paper samples and I absolutely refuse to use a mouse. I love both.


DIY: Typography or logos?

Lavanya: Ah, coming with the easy questions I see! Most probably logos, as you get to play with typography as well as creating an icon. They are also a big player in dictating how people see you or your clients business.


DIY: Can you please explain the process of quilling and what steps you go through to create one of your complicated illustrations.

Lavanya: What most people don’t realize is that quilling is a century old craft technique. I think for most females, your mom may have bought you a quilling kit during some point of your childhood. I know my mom did.

I start my quilling pieces with a rough line drawing of the design I want to create. I then start quilling over it and build the design freestyle. There are a few ways to stick the pieces down, including special double-sided glues, but I just go with making a little glue puddle and dipping the edges in it. I must say, it is very time-consuming, and if you are an impatient person, you will have a hard time finishing a project.


DIY: You have been posting doodles on your blog regularly; how do you combat blank page syndrome?

Lavanya: Well, that’s the cool thing about doodling, you don’t have to force yourself to think of something cool, you just start drawing. A lot of my doodles are pretty random and it helps me think clearly when it comes to conceptualizing real projects.


DIY: Are you still crafting cardboard furniture?

Lavanya: Unfortunately not. The sole purpose of making cardboard furniture was for my BTech degree last year. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks. The process includes sourcing the right thickness of board, as well as structurally designing it so that it balances and can support weight. As a flat-pack piece, you also have to figure out the simplest way to assemble each piece for the end user. I love furniture and I definitely think I’ll get back into it, but it may not necessarily be made out of cardboard.


DIY: What online platform has benefited you the most in terms of reaching a bigger audience with your work?

Lavanya: I started a Flickr and Behance account at the same time. Even though I receive more views on Flickr, Behance is definitely more user-friendly and has a cleaner set-up, especially when you need to send someone a link to your porti. People are also more open to commenting on your work on Behance, so you know what’s doing well and what’s not.



DIY: And finally, a  famous social media question: What are you up to?

Lavanya: I am currently working on a piece for the ‘Buy art, not drugs’ exhibition, hosted by Working Class, which takes place in December at Spiga D’ora. I have also just finished creating a hand-made paper font project, which I plan to use in a series of type posters and desktop wallpapers. Other than that, I’ve just been keeping busy with my day-job and seeing the end of a few year-long projects.


Check out more of Lavanya’s work on Behance

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  1. tam says:

    Not just a pretty face hey, Van. Love your work 🙂

  2. Curt Cobain says:

    Diggin’ this. That quilling is mad

  3. philip botha says:

    Well done missy well proud!

  4. Li says:

    i know this girl! Awesome work Van

  5. Graham Wiles says:

    So sick! Paper madness

  6. Tyron says:

    LOVE the sketches! Actually I love all of it 🙂

  7. Lavanya says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words 🙂

  8. sundree says:

    you extremely gifted iam so proud of you because of being an indian with that much talent.

    i need to know were to buy this quilling tool i like to play around with with this paper i have seen on tv

    hope you can ghelp

    which store can i buy this tool

  9. Shanta Reddy says:

    Hi Lavanya

    Your work is amazing! I am looking for a reliable source for good quality origami paper. Do you have any contacts you can recommend? I make chocolates.. Regards Shanta

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