Movies-Mojitos-Mamma Luciana’s (Competition)

The Collective are hosting the perfect to start to Summer tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be featuring local comedic films by some of Durban’s up and coming film makers and serving Mojitos and Mamma Luciana’s pizza to enjoy in between laughs.

It starts at 1pm with the first film being played at 2:15pm and should be done by 5pm. Check out the facebook event here for details. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Because The Collective are so kief, they’re giving away two pizza and Mojito combos to you kief okes and okettes, all you have to do is share your recipe for the perfect Mojito with us. It’s that simple. Just comment below and we’ll let you guys know who wins via our Facebook tomorrow morning. Competition closes at midnight 28th of October 2011.

3 Responses to “Movies-Mojitos-Mamma Luciana’s (Competition)”
  1. caittiac says:

    Step 1: Spend at least 4 hours in the sun with friends, add some salty, wavy water and truckloads of sand.
    Step 2: Put on one item of ‘actual’ clothing and make your way home (with said friends)
    Step 3: Google “Best Mojito recipe ever”
    Step 4: Follow one of the links, I enjoy this one: , for it’s Hemingway factor
    Step 5: Follow instructions (ignore horrendous page layout/set up/design (?))
    Step 6: Drink
    Step 7: Repeat Steps 5 and 6, repeatedly

  2. caittiac says:

    Oh, oh! I just read another one that “floats another shot of rum on top.” Add that to Step 5.

  3. Roxanne says:


    Ingredients :
    4 to 6 mint leaves
    The juice of 1 lime
    1 to 3 t sugar, depending on your taste (either
    castor or icing sugar)
    Crushed ice
    Approximately 60ml premium white rum
    Soda water

    Method :
    Place the mint leaves in a highball glass.
    Add the lime juice and the sugar, and muddle gently. Add the crushed ice.
    Stir in the rum and top with soda water to taste.
    Stir well, and garnish with sprigs of fresh mint and/or slices of lime.

    Sit back, chill and enjoy 🙂

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