Freedom Posters at The Collective

The Collective have been home to some pretty cool vibes lately and tonight they launch the Freedom Posters Exhibition by Micheal Van De Meer.


Here’s what Micheal says about the exhibition:

“Freedom Posters is based on a visual representation of how I have interpreted each of the persons freedom  or escape from the world -from traveling with no sense of direction to something as simple as bubbles. Each person in this world has some sort of a freedom and this is what links us all, people from all walks of life have some sort of escape and through these freedom posters I’m showing that each person has a different freedom.

It was originally a photographic book documenting each individual within the process of experiencing their freedom I have taken this into a new form through using posters to visually represent how different each freedom is, through the way they are depicted either illustration or digital prints.”


The opening will have Trees playing their acoustic Celtic punk and a cash bar and starts at 6pm. The exhibition will be up until the 16th of October and all prints are single prints and will be for sale.

Check out these previews:

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