Tokyo Go-Go Exhibition Launch

Last Tuesday night Durban illustrator Tokyo Go-Go launched a solo exhibition entitled BlockCandy at Mooki Noodle Bar. Russell Grant was there to check it out.

Bright, bold, and humorous is probably a good way to describe the work on display at the launch of Tokyo Go-Go’s solo exhibition last Tuesday night. Tokyo (aka Greg Darroll) produces vector based illustrations and toys of, well, anything that tickles his fancy it seems. What they all have in common is a kitsch, classic video game feel.

On the wall nearest the entrance there was featured a giant collage of the aforementioned portraits, and on the opposite wall a line of illustrations of Asian/video game inspiration: a Pikachu portrait, a dragon, a tv with a test screen, and some local flavour in the form of a morbid bunny chow.

Nearest the kitchen stood a row of box toys of various designs and sizes, as well as a small picture of Mario (Luigi’s bro) made from rubik’s cubes.

Mooki Noodle’s bare Western-Asian charm played the perfect backdrop to the vibrant, comical works on display. They also catered for guests with small cups of noodles, and a range of spring roll type confections which were served with a smile.

The exhibition is set to run for the next 2 weeks.

2 Responses to “Tokyo Go-Go Exhibition Launch”
  1. Dusty Rich Artist says:

    one of the greats, Tokyo go go is incredible.

  2. Matt S says:

    that Flash Pikachu is amazing! OMFG WANT!!!

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