Rock ‘n Roll at Unit 11

The dudes from itsAparty threw a rock ‘n roll jol at Unit 11 last Friday with The Otherwise, Cheap Bad Habits and E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N. Barker Noir writes about it and Gareth Bargate took the photos.

Whenever I go to Unit11, it reminds me of a quote from 24 Hour Party People where Tony Wilson’s discussing their new club they’re opening in Manchester. “Let’s call it Factory, we always see signs saying Factory Closing – let’s reverse the trend”. Now that’s quite apt for Durban.

I went to go watch The Otherwise, E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N and Cheap Bad Habits at said club on Friday evening. Whenever I go there, it does what it says on the box, I never have a bad eve.  In terms of the bands, I missed Cheap Bad Habits opening song but as their set went on I couldn’t help think of The Cramps – but a slightly faster version. It was good they held the crowd and each band member seemed to have his own identity, good new act. They’re a hard-working band, and gigging in the current KZN Music climate – that’s a positive.

Next up were The Otherwise who are arguably one of KZN’s best live acts. Their songs conjure happy Brit-infused indie riffs and the backing vocals add a ‘Cribs’ feel to their new work. They’re excellent and have played everywhere, from toilets to opening for bigger bands. Why they’re not insanely huge is simply an admin error.  They were driving up to PTA to compete in the KFC-Sessions comp on the Saturday. Let’s see if a Chicken Fast Food Chain knows any better since putting the Parlotones on their snack-boxes. The Otherwise are always enjoyable. If they’re not called “Durban’s best band”, they’re most certainly Durban’s hardest working. Their album’s great, get it.

Up last were E.X.P.LO.S.I.O.N, who are from Toti and say their personal statement is “clothing optional”, which is ironic because the lead singer wore sunglasses on stage the whole set.  They did a set, there were sounds. They were going for a classic-rock type outfit. I’ll keep an eye on them, should be good stuff coming up. But I couldn’t help thinking the line-up order was wrong.

Unit11 is a good venue doing good things in Durban, other alternative venues in Durban should do the immortal marketing thinking of K.I.S.S. Keep is simple stupid. Well that or more fire on stage.

2 Responses to “Rock ‘n Roll at Unit 11”
  1. James says:

    Sjoe. That chick in the top right of the cover pick is Rocking OUT!!
    Nice photos Gareth!
    The Otherwise must have gotten a LOT better since I last saw them to warrant that sort of praise though..

  2. Bar Fly says:

    Epic photos. Unit 11 is the best man.

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